In late July, suddenly there was no Facebook Analytics and creators using Facebook business tools for growing their business online were in for a toss . 

One could guess why. It was a free service, and did not require a Facebook handle to work. For many, Facebook Analytics was giving insight into how users were interacting with apps, websites and others. With Facebook Analytics gone, what do social media professionals have to look forward to? 

Busting myth number one: Facebook didn’t entirely shut down its marketing platform. Marketers can still monitor their ads and make best use of Facebook as a social media marketing platform. All Facebook is trying to do is what marketers do best: consolidate their tools. 

That brings us to a question: just how useful can Facebook turn out to be for a creator’s business? Have a look at what tools you can use to boost your business!

Facebook Business Suite

Launched in late 2020, Facebook realised how important a holistic marketing platform could be for a professional. Facebook Business Suite is a monitoring platform that basically functions on four levels:

  • Gives you an overview: A single-page summary of all Facebook marketing activities
  • Showcases trends: Gives you insight into your page’s reach
  • Analyses content performance: Self-explanatory in showing you content performance
  • Categorise your audience: know the basic demographics of your audience
Facebook Marketing Suite

You can monitor your growth and performance with the above details on a single dashboard. Such insights can help you see how your ads and content have interacted with a set audience. 

Facebook Pixels

If we had to simplify, then Facebook pixel is a code that you connect with your website and collects data. This data is sourced to track conversions from Facebook ads, which can be optimized to build target audience and even remarket to people who have visited your website, or taken some CTA. 

For example, if a potential client clicks on CTA and leaves a hanger-on, Facebook Pixel will laser target that lead for greater marketing. It is super simple to integrate Facebook Pixel with your website, click here to check how.

How can you make use of Facebook Pixel to your benefit?

  • Increases your ROI: Facebook Pixels ensures that you target the very audience that is likely to buy your product or service. Greater conversion, more ROI!
  • Track Conversions: Get firsthand data into how, where and why your leads convert. Understand user behaviour on website and Facebook ads.
  • Remarket Audience: Get granular with a potential buyer who abandoned a product or service. Make more sales!

If you’re using iOS 14.5 and experiencing data loss, it’s time to switch to Conversions API. 

Facebook Pixels for Business

Facebook Conversions API

Unlike Facebook Pixels that triggers cookies on your website to collect data indirectly, Conversions API collects information directly from the users. Simply combine Conversions API with Facebook Pixels and gather data that is more reliable, exact and has laser precision. 

Conversions API can go a long way for your marketing plan. Know how?

Facebook API for creators
  • You can share user scores or lead scores and use them for optimization in other Facebook business tools for understanding customer journeys better!
  • Improve information accuracy for targeting, measurement and optimization when integrated with Facebook Pixel.
  • When used separately from pixel, Conversions API allows more control over what data you share and when you share it!

In Conclusion 

While Facebook Analytics may take away some of the stellar features it has previously offered its users, the move may help them consolidate their data and marketing strategy better. Perhaps, better features are around the block, and only the wait can tell us! Till then, marketers can make best use of current available services to boost their sales and lead conversion rates in quick, easy steps.

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Humra Laeeq is a content marketer at Exly, with a penchant for writing. She’s a literature graduate from St. Stephen’s College and has published articles, blogs and papers across multiple platforms.

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Humra Laeeq is a content marketer at Exly, with a penchant for writing. She’s a literature graduate from St. Stephen’s College and has published articles, blogs and papers across multiple platforms.