No matter the scale of your business, how to generate leads within an optimized lead generation program is fundamental to any growth strategy. If your questions are orbiting around “what is lead generation?” or “how to generate leads for business?”, keep reading to know how you can do so! Knowing how to generate leads for your business and sustain them is a sure-shot way of rocketing your sales.

How to Generate Leads Your Business

Identify Your Target Audience

When you are a content creator, you have a set audience in mind. You probably market your content and skill keeping in mind what your followers like, love, and what makes them tick. Knowing which audience your content taps into is the golden rule for streamlining your audience and marketing your brand amongst them, which directly affects how to generate leads for business. In professional terms, you’re creating a specific “buyer persona” that tells you who your potential buyer is, the touch points that make them choose what you offer. “Buyer persona” basically helps you in knowing how to generate leads online.

Broadcast Email Newsletters to Build Relationships:

When it comes to your customers, the maxim “out of sight, out of mind” holds true. How you can generate more leads is as much about sustaining them and leading them to sales as it is about attracting them. Once you get a hold of your leads, make your communication consistent by sending out email newsletters.

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Offer Unique Content to Your Followers:

Your content needs to have your personal touch, for your followers need to know the uniqueness of what you offer.

Amongst many creative ways to generate leads, you need to offer what’s uniquely yours. In a market full of creators offering so much content, people look for what singularly interesting product you can give them. Know what works out for you, and show it to your followers with confidence!

Automate Your Digital Marketing for Wider & Faster Reach:

In a world that runs on digital screens, having a business means you have to know how to generate leads online. Nearly half of all online business use digital marketing automation, and why not! Handling small to large follower bases comes with a need to regularly send out newsletters, emails, reminders and meeting links.

Stay Active on Your Social Media Accounts:

Social media is your doorway to making yourself visible among people.

Your social media handles offer a variety of marketing tools:

  • Check out trendy business features available on Instagram and Facebook
  • Appear in explore pages, share personal Instagram stories that reach thousands of followers
  • Monitor your followers’ activity, know what they like/love most
  • Share your posts and stories consistently so Instagram knows you’re active and can advertise your content even further!
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Instead of trying to use all social media platforms, choose between one to three channels. In simpler words, focus more on interaction and engagement to generate more leads by driving more traffic to your handle. Check out the Instagram hacks that you can use to grow your following and loyal customer base.

Make Your Content Interactive:

This is where the maximum of your attention should converge. Your followers are probably bombarded with a lot of content each day. To make a follower or potential lead pay attention to your content, make it interactive so they can actively engage with you. When you make content, you’re asking your audience to take action.

Make it easy to act upon, fun, and engaging to boost friendly interactions, thereby enhancing the process to generate more leads!

Plus, you can stitch your content in accordance with your Buyer persona to maximize engagement. Want to know more about what a Buyer Persona is? Click here to know more.

Streamline Your Content:

What Form to Go For: 

Choose between different formats smartly, for they offer unique purposes. Depending on the kind of content you create, video, text, and visual mediums work differently for various kinds of content. Some of them are listed below:

  • Blog posts: Blog posts are often a basic requirement for any content marketer. What they do is:
  1. Attract traffic to your content 
  2. Act as capsules of knowledge for your followers

These are more suitable for creators whose content is more educative and detailed. 

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  • Video/Photo posts: Such posts are trendy, engaging, and can attract a large demographic of your followers. Statistics will tell you that 53% of marketers publish around 90% of the visual content. What you can do is: 
  1. Post fun videos on social media handles or YouTube
  2. Curate podcasts and share episodes with a large audience
  3. Photos, candid live videos are also great for grabbing traffic to your platform.  

This can in turn, lead to growth of your own platform to generate more and more leads.

What Kind to Go For:

Lead-Generating Content is the kind of content that acts as an incentive for your leads.

In order to attract a reluctant lead, nothing works better than offering them something exciting and irresistible. Various forms of content marketing and social media advertisements come under that category, which you can use to generate more leads. 

Wondering what are some content types that can act as lead magnets? 

  • Free eBooks offer a sneak peek of your content to your followers
  • Trials and/or Mini-Courses are great for inviting a reluctant lead to your content.

Such content offers easy access to many new leads, that can later go on to repeat seals for your business. Check out the Lead Nurturing Funnel designed by Neil Patel, co-founder of NP Digital and Subscribers and listed as top 10 marketers under Forbes.

Choose Your Content Distribution Channels:

Distribution channels boost your reach, so choose those that show maximum efficiency. 

You can run your content and advertisements on organic channels like social media handles that do not require any paid mechanisms, so you’re in for some great low-budget options! Organic traffic at Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube may take some time in reaching potential leads over the course of a few weeks to months.

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On the other hand, you can run paid advertising on these platforms that have the advantage of wider and quicker reach. Social media ads, particularly Facebook, are shown to have good targeting capabilities. Google ads and Content Discovery Networks function equally well. 

In Conclusion:

Generating more leads for your small or large business can be time-consuming and taxing at the least. The key is to have patience through the process and focus on growth results than acceleration. The more you learn about the strategy that works for you, the better the outcome.

To get more insights as to how to generate leads, follow some top digital marketers like Steve Rayson, director at BuzzSumo, Douglass Karr, famous writer of “Corporate Blogging for Dummies” and others equally good marketers like Neil Patel and Dorie Clark.

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Humra Laeeq is a content marketer at Exly, with a penchant for writing. She’s a literature graduate from St. Stephen’s College and has published articles, blogs and papers across multiple platforms.

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Humra Laeeq is a content marketer at Exly, with a penchant for writing. She’s a literature graduate from St. Stephen’s College and has published articles, blogs and papers across multiple platforms.