Introduction to Fitness Courses

Introduction to Fitness Courses

There’s no dearth of programs offering a personal trainer certification in today’s age. However, to ensure that you invest rightly, you want to choose a program with high credibility, Here we will give an insight into five training certification courses that will help you sharpen your skills and become a trusted fitness coach in the industry.

These programs are all led by reputable fitness institutions, combining state-of-the-art fitness science and methodologies. They also have the convenience of distance learning. 

Tempting proposition? Why fitness courses are a rage is understandable but to put things in perspective they play a significant role no matter whatever your goals in the fitness industry.  These fitness certification courses help you with:

  • Professional Guidance(if you are starting out)
  • Internship Placements(if you are looking to build a corporate career out of fitness)
  • Indispensable Training Skills(if you are looking to kickstart your own fitness business)

Growing Demand for Fitness Courses

Extended lockdowns have had a major impact on the fitness industry in general. Traditional gym-goers are leaning on technology to support their fitness regime. Fitness instructors are looking for credible fitness certification courses to train people online or offline. 

What is the driving force behind the growing demand for online fitness certification courses? Consumer behavior, period. As fitness brands continue to innovate and adapt to changing consumer behavior, technology-centered solutions are witnessing an uptick and fitness certification courses are part of the system. 

Demand for fitness courses

Digital Fitness to rule the roost in the future?

Digital fitness is fuelling growth for gyms and health centers. Digital solutions such as live streams and on-demand fitness platforms can not only help brands but individual creators and fitness instructors to

1. Win over their target online audiences, 

2. Leverage brand awareness

3. Get more  digital to in-studio or in-gym conversions

Is a Fitness Certification Necessary?

Having your personal training certification testifies that you have learned the fundamentals of fitness, exercise science, and coaching. Trainer certification also proves you possess the knowledge base required to help clients meet their fitness goals safely and effectively.

Fitness Courses

We will take a sneak-peek into why fitness certification is an absolute prerequisite in today’s age:

  1. Follow your Heart: As the saying goes, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a single day in your life”: Picture yourself guiding clients through training sessions. Imagine yourself developing workout routines, demonstrating proper form and posture, and taking group fitness classes online/offline. This could be your average day at the office. 
  2. Have a Healthier Career: You won’t be stuck behind a desk, and lead a sedentary lifestyle. You’ll look 30 when your friends look 50, thanks to your career choice.
  3. Earn as you Wish: This career allows for a lot of flexibility. You can make this a full-time commitment, working in a gym for a regular salary, or you can start your own gym/ fitness class determining your work hours and rates.
  4. Career Path as a Personal Trainer: You can choose to be a traditional personal trainer, but you have several other options: work in a gym full or part-time, start a personal training business. Be your boss or work as a freelance trainer. The flexibility a fitness certification offers is immense as it offers you alternative  fitness careers like:
  1. Group fitness instructor
  2. Yoga Instructor
  3. Zumba Teacher
  4. Boot Camp Leader
  5. Online/Digital Trainer
  6. Corporate Fitness Consultant

Top Certification Providers

Here’s a look at some of the top personal trainer certifications available today:

  • International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA): The International Sports Sciences Association is an option, particularly for those students requiring distance education. Billing itself as “the trainer’s trainer,” ISSA offers a huge variety of self-paced distance courses in several different fitness and health-related domains. What’s more? They also have an Associate’s Degree program in Exercise Science, for the fitness buffs interested in improving their knowledge further.
  • The National Council on Strength & Fitness (NCSF): The National Council on Strength & Fitness (NCSF) is a globally recognized organization for fitness professionals. The certification program is accredited in the USA (NCCA) and Europe (EA) offering certification at over 1000 testing sites across 83 countries worldwide. Exercise professionals have the option of specializing in personal training, strength & conditioning as well as in the field of sports and fitness nutrition. 
  • Fitness Mentors – Personal Training and Online Personal Training Certifications: Fitness Mentors is an industry leader in preparing trainers for the future. Trainers need to understand both in-person training and virtual/online personal training. For all those wanting to train clients privately, this is the course for you with all courses and testing being 100% online.  Fitness Mentors’ role in providing education to help establish all forms of fitness businesses is guided and sharp.
  • American Council on Exercise (ACE): The American Council on Exercise (ACE) empowers fitness trainers with one simple directive and that is to get people moving. The training pedagogy and resources are built on that fundamental foundation, offering teaching that meets clients at their relative levels of fitness, whether that means a jog in the park or a high-performance swimming session. Their trainer program boasts over 54,000 graduates, with 1 million client sessions all over the world.
Fitness Certifications

In Conclusion:

To start your online personal training business, you first need to choose the requisite technology, proper course, and other fitness applications and tools to drive your training sessions to the next level. 

Guess what equips you with all those skill-sets? A FITNESS CERTIFICATION!

Not only does it land you a definitive competitive advantage over your fellow trainers, but they also make your clients fitter efficiently and safely.

Lead generation for your fitness business, managing clients, tracking payments is a great hassle. We understand. Exly is that one-stop-solution platform for all your business flows right from capturing leads to your first payout. 

Explore the dashboard analytics and a bunch of other super-utility tools to drive your fitness business goals. If a fitness certification is your knife, EXLY makes it sharp.


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