Why Do You Need An All In One Platform To Manage Your Small Business

Fanning up and designing a business are the easiest stages of the said process. The most difficult and the most strategic is the sustaining part.

Especially where a small enterprise is involved, it is heavily important to organize it in the most imperative way.

Are you wondering about the management of your small business?

Do you think you can manage 100 tasks of your small business from different platforms?

Well, do not worry, we have solved all your queries below.

Let’s get started with helping you out in the wise decision-making for your small business.

What is the Need for the Organization of a Small Business?

Here is why you need organization

When the business is small the profits are small too. If the momentary flow is not maintained, there is a high chance that the business can collapse and go down to the first stair.

Small businesses when maintained properly can yield very high results and can even turn into big fat ones.

Below is the list of reasons you need to consider-

1. Sustainable Sources 

Once you get a hands-on sustainable small business, it becomes easier for you to incorporate all the basic necessities required at the gateway of any small business. Sustainability comes from better management, the more your small business is organized the lesser ups and down it will go through. All the planning would simply yield sustainable results.

2. Regular Income Flow 

A break in any chain can lead to financial losses, especially in a small business. This in turn could easily hamper the income flow. There are usually small numbers involved in terms of monetary values in small businesses and lack of organization can lead to frequent losses.

3. High Results 

Once a small business is entirely monitored from one single place it results in focused and dedicated sections. Hence, higher results are corresponding to all the tasks that you perform as a small business owner.

4. Maintained System 

A small business cannot make way with the heavy bills of the industry experts to manage their businesses. In such cases, the responsibility lies entirely on the core members of the small business team. Proper management will ensure maximum performance of the business. Which turn will help it sustain and increase its level from a small business to a big one.

What will an all in one business platform do?

The one important thing that an all in one business plaform will do for a small business is to save it from neglect and rescue more and more time in the administration. 

To say, if a small business chooses to do things at different places, it will have to face the consequences of loss and chaos. Managing payments from one place and looking for customers at another place will create havoc. 

And in the end, it will become difficult to assemble. In such instances, you could lose clients or even money. 

Following is a list of things an all in one business platform will do-

Here is what an all-in-one Platform will do.

Prevent Loss of Information:

In such cases, a lot of information would be missed. Missing valuable information will hamper the decision making and hence, there is a high chance that your small business may incur losses.  

Will help in decision making

Less Time Consuming:

Collecting information about the client from one place, contact them through another medium, catching potential leads from another, and collecting payments from another source. Sounds like a lot of work right?

Well, you can skip it all just by switching to a platform that helps you do all of it in one place.

It even lessens the chances of errors that otherwise might have been incurred in combining all the aspects together.

Better Synchronization:

There are some basic elements that you will necessarily need for the functioning of your small business. If you happen to do all the things separately it will be a big task to combine them. There will be a difference in the information that might have been produced and the one you have received. 

The sequences of reliability play heavy tolls. Hence, proper synchronization at each step of your small business from targeting the audience to accepting payments is in turn necessary.


Small businesses are relatively less stable than big ones. It is simply because of the lack of knowledge or expertise. You might know how to start or even run a small business as a regular person, but an industry expert knows ways and amends the process. 

If you are looking for stability in your small business you need to manage it properly and proper management can not be practiced from 7-8 sources. Proper management and organization of each little step will not only give you big results it will even prevent the possibility of a mishap.

Better organization:

The most essential thing that an all in one business platform will do for you is better organization. That is eventually the whole crux of an all-in-one platform. You will effortlessly manage your entire small business with this little step.

Here is how Exly can be your all in one business platform-

1. Integrated Payments 

Collect and Organize your Payments with Exly

It is very important to manage your payment wisely. As a small business, you need to keep a track of all the payment-related activities.

Exly lets you organize all your income and expenditure in one place. 

With Exly’s integrated payment options, you can easily collect both Domestic and International Payments without having to face any kind of issues.

2. Dashboard 

All in one business platform
Use our Automated Dashboard

Organizing as a word looks easy but it is a time-consuming and skill-demanding task. Our analytical dashboard helps you organize all your work in one place.

This dashboard is the core of your management. From publishing content to selling products, from accepting payments to organizing webinars, you can do it all from this singular place.

3. Communication Options- 

Exly has a lot for you to help you in maintaining your customers. We have a list of options you can make use of to make your small business even more 

realistic and important in the eyes of the internet.

All in one business platform
Exly’s Communication Options

With Exly’s help, you can-

  1. Organize one-to-one Consultation
  2. Send WhatsApp Reminders
  3. Confirmation Emails and Forms
  4. You can even host Webinars for Proper Communication 
  5. Organize and Record Classes and Sell them 

4. Marketing

All in one business platform
Market your Business with Exly

We pave the way even forward by providing you with options for the marketing and promotion of your small business. 

The most crucial aspect of opening up any business is properly marketing it. Advertisements are the soul of businesses.

Use Exly’s specially built marketing strategies to build an online presence and gather more and more traffic.

You can Market your Business through-

  1. Content Marketing

Publish blogs, newsletters, eBooks, videos, infographics, and live streaming.

  1. By Cross-Promoting your Business

Cross-promote other services and products. Publish collaborative content.

  1. By Using excellent Marketing Strategies

Giving free demo products, organizing free classes for the masses, and building a brand is crucial for the growth of your entity. 

5. Capturing Leads

All in one business platform
Capture Potential Leads with Exly

Well, the most important entity of any enterprise is its clients. How are you even a business if you do not have clients? Gathering clients and pitching them at the right moment with the right strategy is essential. 

With Exly’s specialized features of automated lead generation, you can generate potential leads for your company. 

We help you in transforming your visitors into potential leads and later customers. Work for word of mouth and bring referrals. Try to attract customers and keep hourly project-wise, or monthly rates.

Structure the corporation in a way that is easily navigable for your clients.

6. Professional Looking Websites

All in one business platform
Get your Business a Professional Looing Website

We build your website for your entity. The quality of the website is in the mainline when a potential customer visits the small business.

Our professional-looking websites leave trustworthy remarks. Hence, the client will not be afraid to order from your small business.

To mark our final words, you can see if we meet all your requirements. We are even open to additional requirements you might have. Once you register you will get 24/7 support, hence, all your business needs can be managed at any time of the day.

If you are still confused about where, to begin with, you can have a look at Exly. Book a free demo and learn about all the fascinating things you can do with it.

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