How can you Launch Your Online Fitness Studio with Exly

Fitness has become a necessary part of all our lives. Recent trends saw the emergence of online fitness trainers who have made fitness more accessible to people living the fast-paced city life. More and more people are seeking fitness opportunities and need to be covered in the correlation with their hectic schedules. People want to be inculcated in fitness but with ease and convenience. Hence, a lot of people have opted for online fitness training for their day-to-day lifestyles.

if you’re a fitness trainer there is no right time, to begin with, your online fitness studio now.

We, at Exly have dedicated performance and experience in the online fitness business. We could be of great potential for your fitness studio.

Are you a fitness trainer? Do you wonder how to be an online coach? Are you planning to begin your online fitness entrepreneurial journey? We have got you covered.

If you’re still confused we will list out the reasons why you should launch your Online fitness course –

  • Online Training Is Incredibly Opportunely
  • Is pretty flexible, people wish to gain their training in their comfort
  • Scope To Reach A Wider Audience Through Virtual Fitness Classes
  • Alongside being an online gym trainer, you can make bundles of concentrated courses and sell them
  • Helps you broaden Your Revenue Stream as generates passive income
  • You can sell your branded products/ merchandise, such as small pieces of equipment, training outfits, etc
Open your online fitness studio now

This is how you can launch your fitness studio with Exly-

1. Make a content strategy for your online fitness platform

Before the beginning of any business, it is crucial to have a detailed plan in hand. All of the facts from its beginning to smooth running should be in writing. Hence, it is really important to formulate a content strategy that you will work around after launching your business. You should have a fair idea of what content you are going to produce. What kind of additional information you will be serving your audience. You should have a strategy solidified for the categories of content you will make available without charging any money and the premium content.

Fitness is a competitive industry with new trends coming and going every day. It then becomes even more important to have a strategy for your content. You need to plan your courses in detail. You need to know id going to be the topic of each course and then how that topic will be further divided within the course. In addition to this, you need to decide which class from the course will be the free demo class and what topics will be covered in premium courses (if you decide to have a premium course). Virtual fitness trainers are in high demand right now, this is the best time to move your business online.

2. Select a relevant business model for your online fitness platform

You should take time and draw out the kind of business model your fitness studio will run on. Your revenue generation model should easily comprise all the remaining factors of your online fitness studio.

You should create pricing boxes for your variety of services, whether to create subscription-based services or one-time payments.

You can simply create three categories:

Create a Relevant Business Model

3. Build an online fitness platform

Creating a professional and honest-looking website is the most crucial beginning of any online fitness studio. You can simply build a hosting site for your online fitness studio on Exly. you do not have to worry about coding. Within a few clicks, you can build yourself your online fitness studio in under 5 minutes.

There are a few things that need to be taken care of when creating a business website, such as –

  • The website should be aesthetically pleasing and at the same time look read and professional.
  • It should be easy to navigate for a client.
  • Your contact information should be correct and updated at all times.
  • It is for the better if your social media is connected to your business website.
  • It can be a great addition to your website to post testimonials in the form of short videos on your website.
  • Safe and different types of payment options help your clients feel safe about their transactions.

4. Create and produce classes

With Exly’s inbuild class recording and production features, you can easily record your fitness sessions. As a fitness coach, you can give online sessions, create fitness courses, and sell merchandise. You can create bundles and courses and categorize them clearly. We will help you to manage and keep your courses to be easily navigable so that the customer can make quick choices and buy the training sessions.

It is a good idea to have a free or demo class per course, so the client can try what suits them the best. Having a variety of courses will work in your favor in more than one way. People who take a course and like it will likely come back and would want to do something new. Hence having a good variety of courses ready beforehand is a good idea for the future of your business.

5. Formulate a selling page

You can create your own store at Exly. Also, sell your products, classes, and courses here and generate good revenue. This page will let you display all your services in bundles with price tags on them. In Addition, You can even inculcate a quick buy option that will make your customer’s buying experience hassle-free. As a virtual personal trainer, you can also soft sell your merchandise to your clients.

6. Collect payments for your online fitness platform

Accept domestic and International Payments

The online fitness studio has the potential of reaching mass audiences including international clients. Be welcoming to your potential international clients with our varied payment options. With Exly’s integrated payment options, you can easily collect both domestic and international payments without having to face any kind of issues.

You can even manage all your payments in one place with the help of our dashboard. This feature will particularly help you in keeping track of your finances in a methodical way. Looking at the trends in your sales analytics you can draw conclusions as to which course or product is selling more. This will then help you strategize for the future.

7. Build a community

You can build a community of your customers on your website and on other social media handles. These hold immense potential to connect with professionals from the same industry. In addition to it, you can share exclusive discounts, and find your followers and fans, using these social media platforms.

Produce and sell Online Fitness Courses

Social media yields a power like no other. It is a great way to build a steady and strong base of followers who will convert into clients. Your social media can drive traffic to your website. 

The easiest way to do well on social media is by posting a lot of content in a consistent manner. To dump all your content in one day and then disappear for 2 months is not going to work. You can come up with a simple upload schedule on your phone or an excel sheet and post consistently.

We know now that short-format videos do well on social media platforms, so make sure you post one short format video in 2 days preferably at the same time of the day. Once you have a strong following on social media you can also earn money through affiliate marketing. 

8. Generate good leads

With Exly’s specialized features of automated lead generation, you can generate potential leads for your business. You can target potential clients and turn them into customers in a few clicks. This not only generates revenue but also increases traffic.

Lead generation and conversion are essential for growing your business. Exly has a robust system of lead conversion that is very helpful for every business. There is no additional cost to benefit from this feature. You can also automate promotional emails on Exly. 

You can also make a list of potential customers from your social media. A great way of converting potential leads to regular clients is by providing a demo class for free. This attracts the person by increasing their curiosity. Focusing on lead generation is very important.

9. Analyze and monitor through the dashboard

Online Fitness
Analyze and monitor through the dashboard

We serve you the option to manage your entire business in one place with our automated analytical dashboard. This dashboard helps you to organize your entire fitness studio in one place. From publishing content to collecting payments it has covered you all for your growing online fitness business needs.

This is probably one of the best features of Exly. It makes running a business so easy and convenient. All you have to do is focus on your fitness content, the rest of everything is taken care of by the dashboard. You can use the analytical reports to understand trends in customer behavior and accordingly plan for the future.

10. Market it widely

The most crucial aspect of opening up any business is properly marketing it. Advertisements are the soul of businesses. 

This is how you can market your business-

Online Fitness
Use these to market your business
  1. Use content marketing

Publish blogs, newsletters, eBooks, videos, infographics, and live streaming to share your fitness information with your audience and drive quality traffic to your website. Content marketing is booming right now. In addition to selling your fitness classes, you can also publish fitness blogs on your business website. Make sure these blogs are SEO friendly so they appear on top of the search result, this increases visibility meaning more people will see it, and hence more people will come to your website by clicking on it.

  1. Cross-promote your business

Use the vast special media network of influencers and professionals in the online fitness business to gather more potential clients. Cross-promote each other’s services and products. Publish collaborative workouts and youtube videos.

Remember that social media is your friend. Fitness content does really well on Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest. Make sure you give individual attention to these platforms as they require a different approach. Instagram requires consistent posting and short videos on the other hand Youtube requires long videos. Make sure to balance all these platforms.

Collaborative content is a great way of building business friendships that are mutually beneficial. There are many content creators that do collaborative work. Find out the creators that have a similar niche as yours, and approach them formally for a collaborative social media video or post. This can later also be turned into a business opportunity as well.

  1. Use excellent marketing strategies

Giving free demo products, organizing free classes for the masses, and building a brand is crucial for the growth of your business. Above all, Use Exly’s specially built marketing strategies to build an online presence and gather more and more traffic.

Exly’s feature that deserves a special mention:

Online Fitness
Exly’s feature that deserves a special mention:
  • With Exly you can organize one-to-one consultations, seminars, and webinars for your clients and students.
  • In Addition, You can send automated reminder messages on WhatsApp and email information regarding new launches and ongoing courses. 
  • You can also include testimonials to build trust in your brand.
  • You can directly speak with experts at Exly for business advice if you feel unsure at any point in your journey.
  • Exly has multiple payment options that can be easily and safely used by your clients.
  • Customer relation management is very crucial for any business. Exly has an outstanding CRM that you will NOT have to pay extra for.
  • All features that Exly boasts about are available at the base price. You will not be asked for any additional payments throughout your journey.


In conclusion, We will serve as your guide and start your online fitness training from beginning to end. 

All you have to do is take the first step. It may seem daunting to shift your fitness business online but you need to understand this is the need of the hour. In their busy schedules, people want fitness to be convenient for them, something that they can do remotely from wherever they are.

There are a number of technical requirements for an online business. You don’t have to worry about those Exly will make the process easy and understandable for you at every step. Exly simplifies the process of how to create a fitness program online. It gives your virtual fitness business a right fit platform. Moreover, it guides you to curate the best online fitness programs.

Similarly, If you would like to know more about the services you can simply look at this blog for more information about the service.

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