Looking for a platform to monetize your skills and grow your business and income? You are not alone. The last couple of years has witnessed a boom of creators and small business owners leveraging online platforms to launch and scale their business. In this blog, we’ll pit two platforms that are increasingly handy for creators to start their online businesses: Instamojo and Exly. If Instamojo impresses you, Exly will surely turn heads with pricing that does not pinch your pockets and the high-utility features it offers. 

Evaluating and selecting the right platform for your business? At Exly, we understand your business needs better. 

Exly handles your business from scratch like your personal business manager. 

Let’s jump straight into the features and let you CHOOSE.

Class/Course Scheduling✅ ❌ 
1-1 Appointments✅ ❌ 
Merchandise✅ ✅ 
Limited Time Offers✅ ❌ 
Discount Codes✅ ✅ 
Brand/Affiliate Partnerships✅ ✅ 
Marketing Integration Tools✅ ✅ 
Automated Drip Campaigns✅ ❌ 
Messaging via Whatsapp✅ ❌ 
Email Campaign✅ ✅ 
Instant KYC✅ ❌ 
International Payments✅ ❌ 
Insightful Dashboard✅ ❌ 
Multiple Templates✅ ❌ 
Ease of use✅ ❌ 

Are you a creator? Here’s why you should switch to Exly

Exly offers you the scope to experiment with your offerings and listings, without having to worry about technicalities.

Be it creating custom courses or no-code websites, Exly delivers.

Built for every type of course and every type of creator, Exly lets you

  • Schedule courses as you like
  • Protect your content
  • Bring your community, your content, and your brand — all in one place
  • Own your communications

Let’s face it. Exly and Instamojo are both useful platforms for creators. 

However, if you are a new-age creator and want to get an edge through a highly personalized platform Exly is the platform you.

Exly lets you automate your workflow and analytics through its super insightful Analytic Dashboard. With Exly, you can also automate all your communications via email campaigns and Whatsapp reminders.

In addition to the other features on offer, Exly has two other distinct features that give it an edge over Instamojo. 

  • Curated Guide: To list, publish and promote your bookings
  • Growth Marketing Suite: Latest high-utility marketing integration tools to track your revenue and promote your brand

Instamojo is primarily focused on e-commerce platforms and small business owners while Exly is hands-down more versatile with its appeal to creators from all walks of life.

Why Exly scores over INSTAMOJO? 

Unlike Instamojo, Exly offers you the unique advantage of making the most out of all your leads and understanding them better. This is a clear area where Exly has a distinct edge over Instamojo.

Exly’s dynamic pricing model allows you to charge different prices to different customer segments in different parts of the world. Instamojo does not have that feature and hence restricts its customers/users.

Commissions eating over your profits? Our USP is that we charge as low as 5% commission on every transaction made (including internet handling charges).

Instamojo does not allow you a dynamic pricing model while Exly gives you the freedom to be in control of your business through the dynamic pricing model, unlike Instamojo.

Does Instamojo hand you those advanced tools to not simply launch but grow and assist in your business like Exly? NO. PERIOD.


  • Effectively capture leads at different stages of the user journey.
  • Analyze lead intent right from the start of the funnel
  • Prioritize reach out/next steps based on the intent
  • Boost sales through our Growth Marketing Suite

Without a lead capturing funnel, a creator misses out on the rich tips required to manage his/her sales pipeline and that is Instamojo’s biggest con. 

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