How to Start a Membership Site & Plan Content?

How to start a membership site is a fundamental question for beginners in the content selling arena. In the given times, the content-based business sector has witnessed a rather relative boom. 

The selling value of content has risen up with the advent of increasing access to the internet and devices. Be it a recipe or a piece of advice on mental health is all available as sellable content amalgamated with online courses. 

While watching a youtube video, have you ever wondered how can one make millions with the content alone?

Well here is your answer.

A good strategy!

Good planning is key to the success of your subscription-based content business.

What will a good strategy do?

To be honest, sound planning is a game-changer. You neglect the chances of moving off track. You eliminate the possibility of losing any sort of cash flow.

Wondering how to start a membership site?

Let’s dive in right.

You need to follow these three steps to start a membership site-

Steps to Start a Membership Site
  1. Create an elegant website
  2. Plan content strategy beforehand
  3. Market your business

Since it is an easy coverup for how to start a membership site, we will focus on the planning section in this blog. 

Here are some steps to initiate smooth functioning of your content based side: 


1. Integrate google calendar

The first thing that knocks out when it comes to organization is a calendar. The entire organization of any content-based membership site begins with planning. 

You can list your schedule, copy and integrate them into your dashboard with the google calendar. One-to-one consultations and appointments once booked can be integrated to keep a fair track to run a smooth business. You can even plan and prosecute the days of content. 

2. Facebook Pixel

If you are running a content-based membership site, it is evident that you will need ads to bring in more traffic. Track ad performance by adding a Facebook pixel to your webpage. 

This integration will allow you to manage your basic advent of content selling. Perhaps you could gather more leads to turn them into customers.

3. Google Analytics

Google collects data about your webpage visitors. These analytics can be widely used for a number of purposes ranging from managing the inflow and catching leads. After that, You can simply assimilate your analytical data all in one place. Following is a visual representation of how you can integrate google calendar, Facebook pixel amalgamated with google analytics.



1. Automated Messages

In almost all the spheres of your content-based membership site, you necessarily require proper communication channels. 

Similarly, you will need automated messages for the announcement of new content published, for sending reminders, and even links to your organized classes. 

Also, You can now use our automated WhatsApp messages to announce to your customers any relevant piece of information. Above all, Here is how you can send automated messages.

2. Custom Emails

Email Marketing has been widely practiced all throughout. While wondering about how to start a membership site it is a prerequisite to sort out the marketing strategy. 

For Instance, Sending custom emails and flyers participate in the communication drives between a business and the customers. Custom emails are also important to deliver payment receipts and other relevant information regarding bookings. 

Here is how you can create custom emails on Exly.


Organization Management

How to Manage?

1. How to manage?

The entire organization becomes a heavy task to adhere to. The monotony sometimes kills the vengeance and you are forced to forget some things sooner or later. 

However, divulging the resources all in one place would eliminate such chances. Similarly, The entire management can be done on a singular dashboard that allows you to perform and integrate all the features you need in one place. 

2. What to Manage?

The administration of a successful answer of how to start a membership site lies in its proper assimilation. 

Above all, there is a need for a solid proof planning of the content all the way from the days it will be published or sold to the days you will be creating and brainstorming ideas. All need to be put down and move forthwith. 

3. Where to Manage?

A wide range of options is available at the consumers’ dismissal on the lines of management of the content-based membership site.  

We at Exly excel in a gamut of integration services with our specialized automated dashboard. This dashboard helps you to organize your entire business in one place. From publishing content to collecting payments it has covered you all for your growing online content-based membership site needs.

Feedbacks & Improvements 

It is advisable to assimilate proper feedback in order to improve. You can simply conduct events and get feedback from your customers. All the feedback you get after your events will be listed in the section itself. 

You can go ahead and further use it in the perusal of modifications in order to enhance the quality of your services. With Exly you can-

1. Create FAQs

You can make related frequent questions and answers that are totally interlinked with the membership services you sell. For Instance, Basic issues can be covered in this section to avoid possible communication in the future.

Here is how you can create an FAQ section using Exly.

2. Collect Contact information 

You can create screen pop-ups to collect information about people interested in consuming the content. Furthermore, you can simply project them to subscription-based services.

Here is how you can create this pop-up with Exly. 

Additional Features

1. Create/ Edit listings

You can create a bunch of listings on your membership site with Exly including:

  • Content Videos/ Files: You can upload recorded videos or related files for the display of your content.
  • Workshops: You can organize workshops and seminars all in one place.
  • Appointments/ consultations: Booking of one-to-one consultations & appointments can be done with Exly.
  • Courses & classes: You can sell online or recorded classes and courses all at the same time and same place.

Here is how you can do all the above-mentioned with Exly.

Create/ Edit Listings

2. Leads/ Webpage leads

With Exly’s specialized features of automated lead generation, you can generate potential leads for your business. 

In addition, You can target potential clients and turn them into customers in a few clicks. This not only generates revenue but also increases traffic.

Here is how you can monitor generated leads. 

Leads/ Webpage leads

3. Limited time features

You can create custom offers such as limited-time offers, discount codes, etc, to promote your membership site. In order to attract customers, you can organize first-time discounts, limited-time offers, and coupons. Above all, This creates excitement to buy the products even apprehended. 

Create limited-time features now with Exly. 

4. Traffic Analysis 

With Exly you get to manage your traffic inflow and keep an eye on the influx of potential customers. Significantly, The automated dashboard serves you the option of traffic analysis. Here is how you can monitor the inpouring with the help of Exly. 

Traffic Analysis

5. Payments 

With Exly’s integrated payment options, you can easily collect both domestic and international payments without having to face any kind of issues.

Altogether, You can even manage all your payments in one place with the help of our dashboard.

To set up Quick payment pages follow the steps below-

What can Exly do for you?

Things Exly can do for you!

1. Will build a website for you

You can simply build a hosting website within a few clicks for your membership site on Exly. 

2. Let’s you plan your entire membership site

Exly helps you in Integration, communication, organization, and assimilation all at one place. In addition, It even lets you Manage Transactions and subscriptions. 

3. Serves exclusive employee access

There are 6 different kinds of accesses you can choose from when it comes to deciding the permissions for your staff. Above all, Each access type is a package of predefined settings.

4. List of other things Exly offers-

  • Seamless Payment Gateway with custom payment links
  • One-to-one Consultations, recorded and live courses, webinars, and workshops
  • Growth Marketing Suite
  • Automated email drip campaign and reminders
  • Analytics with special insights
  • Discount codes, brand/affiliate partnerships 

In addition, If you would like to know more about the services we offer you can have a look at our blogs for a fairer understanding. 

In Conclusion, If you’d like to know more about our online platform that offers all your business needs, You can book a free demo now.

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