Automation tools are transforming business operations and processes in recent years. These tools make it possible to scale your business and run your small business with ease. Irrespective of whether you run a reasonably large team or a small business, you probably can find processes that can be automated.

Be it outlining business workflows or organizing tasks without hassle, automating your business processes is key to achieving efficiency and scaling your business faster.

And to be honest, what’s better than making more sales and saving more time? But, with options aplenty for tools in the market, it can be hard to pick what automation tool or platform suits your business needs. 

We have got you sorted with a choice that can help you automate your business needs, make manual tasks non-existent. Launch and grow your business effortlessly.

Looking for one platform that gives you high utility automation tools to launch and grow your business?

Look no further! EXLY is your one-stop guide to manage your business seamlessly

What do you get with Exly?

  1. Customized Website Builder- Give your online business a solid identity
  1. Advanced Lead Conversion Tool-  Turn your web page visitors into customers effortlessly
  1. Classes Scheduling & Listing – Get noticed easily by your target audience
  1. Seamless Client Communication- Avoid back and forth calling with your clients
  1. Smooth Payment Gateway- 5 payment gateways that are safe, secure

How does Exly automate your business workflows?

Exly lets you automate communication with your clients with ease. 

Automatically send session reminders, invoices, booking confirmations, etc. via Email & Whatsapp. This is not all. You also get to send automated drip campaigns to your customers and save precious time.

Be in control of your business and build your brand in front of your target audience.

EXLY also offers you a dynamic dashboard that 

  • automates your entire business workflow
  • tracks and converts leads easier, faster
  • gives rich insights to make smarter business decisions
  • tracks your revenue and course/class bookings on a monthly and weekly basis

Easily Schedule your Meetings

Having a tough time sending dozens of emails back and forth with a client or partner? Trying to find a sweet spot that works for both of you to discuss? 

With Exly’s client scheduling platform, you skip the back and forth hassle and create specific time slots. Your clients can utilize this to schedule a time that works as per your availability and convenience.

With Exly, the problem of following up for payments, making manual records and all the discrepancies that follow is solved. With our exclusive system, all the payments with the client details are captured, their details saved and communications are sent out.

How to set up Automated Communication with Exly?

All it takes is 2 steps to get you started with your automated communication system:

  • Select Automated Messages
  • Save Details and Time of Notifications

In addition, you can also send custom emails to your clients, all with a matter of a few clicks.

Exly is the go-to platform for creators in 2021. It’s a one-stop-shop for creators that requires no coding knowledge and offers a variety of customizable website designs to help you get started with your online business.

  • It enables you to send automatic emails and Whatsapp messages, automating the entire communication process.
  • EXLY’s marketing suite and analytics dashboard enable you to locate and focus on relevant leads while also offering extensive insights into the performance of your product and services.
  • Furthermore, it assists you in automatically arranging all of your calls, sessions, courses, and seminars so that you do not waste time on them.

As a creator, if you do not want your competitors to get ahead, use EXLY’s platform to skyrocket your business, NOW! In case you want to explore how automating your business can reap you benefits manifold, you can read here.

So why wait?

Automate your business with Exly now!

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