Exly vs Knorish: Who Offers Better Features For Creators?

Exly VS Knorish

Being a content creator comes with its own challenges. And while a work automation platform is supposed to make things easier for a creator, it is a huge deal in itself to find that perfect platform. That journey is never an easy one. Hence, here is a detailed comparison of two very credible platforms in the market- Exly vs Knorish.

When creators choose a platform for their business, they have mainly two goals in their minds:

  1. Opportunity to engage with students from all around the world and create an online learning community
  2. Automation of workflow and communication

The right kind of platform acts like an extra hand for creators. It works like their personal brand advertiser, task manager, and marketing expert.

But how to choose the right platform that can cater to your unique needs, that too on an affordable budget?

Here is a look at the two business platforms that are well-known for selling online courses. We’ll look at what they offer so you can decide which platform you would like to choose.

Exly vs Knorish

Digital Products and offerings✔️✔️
Offering creation✔️
Scheduling Software✔️
Zoom Integration✔️✔️
Telegram bots- Community✔️
Video storage & Security✔️✔️
Website domain and payments
Secure payments✔️✔️
Custom payments link✔️✔️
International payments✔️
Domain+SSL security✔️✔️
Sales and marketing
Sales suite✔️
E-mail marketing✔️✔️
Whatsapp marketing✔️✔️
Conversion suite✔️✔️
Creative templates library✔️
Workflow and Org support
Communications automation✔️
End User Feedbacks✔️
Team addition✔️
Analytics and integration
Business and traffic integration✔️✔️
Facebook pixel integration✔️
Automated redirect WhatsApp integration✔️✔️
Pably Integrations✔️✔️
Connect Google analytics✔️
Export data to CSV✔️
Customer Support
E-mail support✔️✔️
Live chat and priority support✔️✔️
Onboarding specialist✔️✔️
Customer success manager✔️
Prime features
Brand partnerships✔️
Affiliate partnerships✔️
Creator community✔️
Growth Expert✔️✔️
Exly vs Knorish

Exly vs Knorish: This Is Why Creators Choose Exly As Their Go-To Platform

Creators across niches like astrology to stock trading, yoga to Zumba, look for the only feature of convenience. This allows them to focus on what they do best- create content.

However, over-complicating simple features like template designing, and communication automation breaks the deal. It is important to keep in mind that creators are experts in their fields of content and aren’t professional marketing strategists.

Exly has exactly that ideology behind the designing of every single feature on the platform.

While Knorish has most of the features as that of some other credible platforms in the market, it lacks convenience and affordability. 

Lastly, creators who have just started out in their journey and are yet to build a strong community, seek brand partnerships and affiliations for promoting their business on a large scale. Hence, such features are a kickstart for small businesses. This is another reason that gives Exly a hand over Knorish. 

With Exly, you get to collaborate with brands and offer discounts to your customers on platforms like AJIO, Boat, Myntra, and more!

Exly also comes with;

  • Advanced Lead Capturing Funnel
  • Analytics And Insights
  • Integrated Payment Gateway
  • Drip Email Campaigns
  • Marketing Tools
  • Brand affiliations

And more!

Wrapping Up

A World with no boring jobs-

Is the motto of Exly. And how do we achieve that?

By letting talents make their way to the stage they always deserved. 

Content creators and business owners professionalize their passion and build a strong online presence with the help of features such as a variety of marketing tools along with easy and hassle-free payment options available at your fingertips, listing a variety of sessions like Live classes, recorded courses, workshops, appointments, 1-1 consultations, and a lot more.

Over 20,000 artists and professionals have already joined the team by trusting us as their business platform.

Book a free demo now! 

Exly and Knorish are the 2 most-loved platforms that creators can use depending on their personal business needs. 

Choosing the right platform for your business is the first step you can take toward its success. 

Hence, We encourage you to explore both platforms and satisfy all of your questions before selecting a business platform for your business.


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