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There are a plethora of websites available online that let you sell courses online. But most of these websites have paid plans which restrict certain features from certain users making it difficult for newbies to try their hands fully. Let’s find out about Kajabi and its best alternative available in the market.  

There is no doubt whether you should sell your courses online or not as it is instrumental in scaling your business multi-fold. According to some reports, the e-learning business will be worth $325 billion in 2025. But the choice of the website you choose for selling your course will determine the profit margin you get. Hence, let’s compare what Kajabi and Exly can offer – 

Comparison of Features of Exly and Kajabi

PricingDoes not restrict features on the basis of price, and start for freeHas 3 Paid Plans and restricts features according to the price
Class/Course Scheduling✔️✔️
1-1 Appointments✔️✔️
Limited Time Offers✔️✔️
Discount Codes✔️✔️
Brand/Affiliate Partnerships✔️✔️
Marketing Integration Tools✔️✔️
Automated Drip Campaigns✔️
Messaging via Whatsapp✔️✔️
Email Campaign✔️✔️
Instant KYC✔️
International Payments✔️✔️
Insightful Dashboard✔️✔️
Multiple Templates✔️✔️
Ease of use✔️✔️

What’s important for every business person is that they get a good ROI ratio which stands for Return on Investment. And what’s wrong with the platforms that charge for paid plans is that a newcomer who is still starting out and is trying his hand with online classes has to invest a big amount from his own pocket in order to get his business rolling. 

Therefore, a person with no certainty that their courses would sell enough and recover the initial investment has to make it just to use certain online tools and features. Hence, in comparison, Exly has a high return on investment ratio. 

What are the differences in the Pricing?

On one side Kajabi as a platform comes with three paid courses which can be billed annually and monthly. It does not have any transaction fees but it restricts features on the basis of the price. For starters, Kajabi has a 14-day free trial. And after that, you must choose one of the three plans – Basic ($149/ month), Growth ($199/month) and Pro ($399/month). They give discounts on the above, please refer to their website for the latest pricing. These plans also restrict the number of active members that you can have in your courses. Apart from this, the Basic plan does not have access to 24/7 support while the other two plans do. 

On the other side, Exly does not charge the user in the beginning or even while they are using the platform to create their online course. The charges are less than 5% and are based on transactions you make. 

In order to understand how much others charge, a highly reputed platform like Udemy gives only 37% of the revenue share to the instructor who made the course if the student buys the course without using a referral coupon. In the case of Exly, you make more than 95% of the revenue share!

This means that you pay only after you make a profit yourself!

What All Does Kajabi Offer?

Fewer people know that the word ‘Kajabi’ means ‘to take flight’ according to co-founder Travis Rosser. It allows its users to sell courses, coachings, podcasts, memberships etc online. It also has a feature that replaces Facebook Communities in function. 

The platform comes with a variety of features though they are restricted to certain paid plans only.

How Can Exly Help You Scale Your Business?

Exly is a codeless alternative to Kajabi which also fits your pocket as mentioned above. It comes with built-in features that help you sell your courses online as well as market them to the target audience using email, Whatsapp and Search Engine Optimisation. It has the following features – 

  • Advanced Lead Capturing Funnel
  • Analytics with Special Insights
  • Domestic and International Payments
  • Instantly Live Website (No Delay in Sales)
  • Customer Service one call away!

So, take charge of your business and explore Exly now!

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