Top 10 Stock Trading Youtube Channels You Should Follow

Stock Trading YouTube Channels

Schools teach us so much. All the complicated things and concepts but yet miss out on life’s major hurdles that a person has to overcome in order to reach somewhere and be someone. But worry not, even if you did not learn about finances, stock trading, taxes, tax returns, tax umbrellas, stock market, SIPs and so much more in your school. Because these amazingly talented people have brought to you the finance knowledge in simple and easy-to-understand language right at your fingertips on Youtube. Check out the 10 best stock trading Youtube channels to learn more about stock trading –

Top 10 Stock Trading Youtube Channels

1. Super Trader Lakshya

Lakshya is an Indian stock market influencer. He is is pioneering a better-educated audience in the stock market and trading niche. His content focuses on stock market predictions, Nifty analysis, daily updates, and brand-specific exchange on IPOs, fundings, and scope of profits.

2. Kritika Yadav

Kritika Yadav on Youtube

Finance influencer Kritika Yadav has received public recognition for her work very recently. Her content has managed to garner a significant amount of impressions and is making finance simple for everyone. Her videos attempt to examine and highlight developments in mutual funds, the share market, and the finance industry. Apart from the general financial topics, Yadav also covers the topics like basics of savings, debt investing, and money management.

3. Market Maestroo

Mr. Ankit runs the channel Market Maestroo and has a diverse range of topics including but not limited to mutual funds, banking tips and updates, tax planning, and the stock market. The channel also attempts to explain the industry‘s inner workings.

4. Nitin Bhatia

Being one of the top finance influencers in the country, Bhatia’s interests lie in the topics surrounding the stock market, real estate, and personal finance, as evident from the crux of his video content. With his YouTube endeavors and a blog – nitinbhatia. This Indian stock market influencer is all set for establishing multimedia sources of imparting financial information.

5. Neeraj Arora

CA Neeraj Arora is an ardent professor and has co-founded the channel with Pooja Sharma. The duo shares a well-articulated area of topics in the field of finance. Their topics include an expanse of taxation, auditing, and strategic management.

6. B Wealthy

Swati on Youtube

B Wealthy by Swati engulfs the topics like investment, saving, earning, mutual fund, insurance, tax, stock market, return, and the how-to guide to be wealthy. Furthermore, Swati uses simple terms and Hindi language to convey the heavy financial topics to her audience.

7. Labour Law Advisor

LLA or Labour Law Advisor is a channel that features video series on finance, business, stock market, and careers. Their channel has gained a massive following due to its diverse and structured content with simplicity and clarity.

8. Trend Trader Karan

Karan on Youtube

Karan tries to make finance easy for beginners by explaining the concepts in Hindi. He also covers the stock market, and the stock market analysis.

9. Trading Chanakya

This channel finds different ways of portraying information about the stock market, technical analysis, and updates. They create strategies that they then impart through their video content.

10. Deepak Bajaj

We reserved the best one for the last in the list of stock trading Youtube channels! Deepak Bajaj’s Youtube channel moves away from just the theory of the market to the psychology of human minds when it comes to buying and selling. He decodes various events and tries to give logic and explain the art of selling.  This Indian stock market influencer hit the benchmark of training 8 Lakh+ direct sellers in the span of 13 years, has been lauded as the ‘Best Direct Selling Trainer of 2020’, and has been published across multiple publications.

The Conclusion

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