Are you trying to sell your digital marketing course online? Is it not reaching the right audience, yet? Are you sure your efforts are in the right direction? Are you missing out on these free and effective tools? Maybe yes. Let’s get right on to it. 

Certainly, I do not need to tell a digital marketing expert-teacher who has a course on the same about how to sell their course online. But a little extra insight won’t ever hurt!

Here’s what your buyers would see and want to see about your course. And this is how you can reach them easily. 

20 Flabbergasting Ideas You Need To Try Now

1. Share  A Sample Of The Course

Sharing some sample videos helps a long way in engaging potential students in your content. When students get the feel and just the right glimpse of the cake, it is less likely that they will continue their search for an online digital marketing course.

2. Pre-Sell Your Course Online

I know how this sounds, but pre-selling your content can be a great way of making sure that your launch won’t result in a loss for you. This way you have resources to begin your content with and a fair idea of what your buyers expect out of the course with the given price. 

3. Collaborate With Similar Content Creators

They say the best way to end your enemies is to make them your friends. If you think that other creators in the same niche as yours are your competitors then think again. 

Collaborating with different people selling the same product can give you a wide exposure to the audience who is highly likely to buy your digital marketing course. This is a great way of getting helpful suggestions from other experts as well as increasing your reach.

4. Start A YouTube Channel

After Google, YouTube is a go-to app for many when it comes to resolving doubts and learning something new. By having your sample videos or doubt solving content displayed on YouTube you can reach many more potential buyers for free.

5. Share Your Content Using Ads On Social Media

As we say it, the world is on social media! And true, most of your students are on social media looking for content. And that’s your cue to advertise on them all now!

6. Update Your Course From Time to Time

The world of digital marketing is changing as you read this and hence your content should also include the latest trends, resources etc for them to be relevant. Students are always looking for courses that add value to their skills right away. 

7. Justify The Price & Duration Of The Course In The Sample Video

In the introductory video/file itself, you can tell your students why your course is priced the way it is. It is also important to justify the time that you’ll be consuming (more or less) and why your digital marketing course is an addition to their skills.

8. Display The Main Headings & Sub-Headings Of The Course

While displaying headings won’t give away your content, it’ll help the students appreciate the scope of the course and as a result, the sales will increase.

9. Give & Take Interviews To Engage More Audience

Interviews never fail to inspire many young minds who are looking for the right direction in life. By giving and taking interviews of experts in your niche, you are attracting more audiences who associate trust with the names of successful people.

10. Give Festive Discounts From Time To Time

And now who can deny that we all LOVE discounts. If you cancel any price and give me any discount, you know what, I am in!

11. Market Your Product On Your Blog & Main Website

If you have a blog or a website of your own, create links to your course on the landing page itself to make your products known to all those who visit.

12. Build An Emailing List For Free Goodies For Those Who Enrol

So if you have a database of interested students like from webinars etc, you can keep sending them offers and discounts or any updates regarding your course for it to be more accessible to them. Cold emails can be a great asset to get more enrolments in your course.

13. Have Free & Downloadable Resources Like Notes, Cheatsheets

I mean who doesn’t love goodies. We all would jump at the moment someone says that they are giving away something like cheat sheets or notes of a program. 

While these can be generic and basic too, they do a lot in driving people inside the course.  

14. Ask For Testimonials & Reviews From Students

Reviews from the people who have tried and tested out a product are always dear to buyers. So display as many reviews as you can. 

15. Give A Money-Back Guarantee

I agree that this option may be misused by users but it is also a great way to help the ones in doubt regarding investing the amount of money in online content. 

16. Host Free Webinars Online

Webinars that are especially free are a great method of attracting people who are willing to study the topic. By getting registrations for webinars, you will also get a database of potential clients for cold emails.

Digital Marketing Course

17. Offer A Payment Plan Or An EMI System

In order to help the students who cannot pay in full, giving EMI options and other payment options can prove to be an asset to the sales.

18. Answer Questions On Platforms Like Quora

Resolving the doubts of people can give a token of your expertise in the field which can draw your potential students towards learning more than just resolving a doubt.

19. Share Graphics On Pinterest & Link Your Course

This is a great idea to market your product for free online with a wide variety of audiences.

20. Translate Your Course

Translating your course into different languages is a great way of reaching audiences from all over the globe. Not only is your course universally accessible by more and more people but it is now an asset to the ones who couldn’t access it due to language barriers. 

All in all, be enthusiastic about keeping the project alive and up to date to keep up with the ever-changing world of the internet. Being out there on various platforms would give you an edge for growing your business. 

And in order to sell your digital marketing course online better you can always use the amazing tools available on the internet. Some best website builders are GoDaddy, Exly, WordPress and more. You can also sell your course online on other education platforms. 

But if you want to do both at the same time then Exly is the tool I would suggest. You can create a website and sell courses both on Exly. Exly also gives the creator complete ownership of their own data which is a major feature that lacks in other websites. 

And in case you are shying away from this just because you are afraid of coding then wake up! Exly has zero coding and there’s a staff to help you around your business when you’re stuck. 

Let me list out a bunch of things you need to go and try on Exly now! 

  • Make your own page, like in less than 5 five minutes or so (And No procrastination!) Starting a task is completing 60% of it.
  • Instead of making a thousand clicks for your cold emails, you can automate them on Exly. And as mentioned in point 12, it’s a must in order to sell your digital marketing course online. 
  • Post a variety of content. Text, videos, pictures, everything, don’t miss out on any of them!
  • Receive payments through the same and safe interface!
  • Track your analytics. Check what works and what doesn’t. 

There’s so much more to this ever evolving app that you’ll be the one telling me all about it. So go now and sell your digital marketing course online to the best of your abilities while having a lot of fun in the process!

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