How to Sell your Fitness Courses Online Like Hot-Cakes: Your One-Stop Guide

Sell Fitness Courses Online


As a fitness trainer, one thing always stands true: You just don’t get enough hours in the day. You want to help as many people as possible to reach their fitness goals by selling your curated fitness courses online but there isn’t enough room in your calendar. Confused about how to start an online fitness business? We get you.

The fitness industry is a cut-throat industry in 2021 as there are plenty of online fitness programs available in the market. If you are a qualified fitness trainer, chances are you will make great money doing what you truly love. Furthermore, you can consider taking your fitness business online to exercise greater freedom over your time and boost your earning potential. Even if you are running your online fitness classes successfully, it makes sense to create an online fitness community for your members that can prove to be a bonus.

Be it health and fitness courses or personal fitness training courses, you need the right platform and skill set on how to sell your workout programs online.

Why You Should Sell Your Personal Training Courses Online?

If you are a fitness trainer who has never taken a fitness class online, you are missing out on a sure-shot way to create an additional revenue stream and popularize your brand. Additionally, you can start small and then work on bigger strategies. The online revenue of fitness segment apps globally is expected to hit $3,116.3 million by 2024.

Furthermore, with the concept of a healthy lifestyle becoming more important than ever for people, virtual fitness has become a top priority for many. Experts call it a pandemic epiphany but sure is here to stay. Technology inroads in the fitness industry are accelerating rapidly and increasing customer demand is fueling the growth.

Online fitness courses make fitness more accessible and convenient for people with demanding jobs, kids, etc. It is a convenient way to get professional advice without going out of the comfort of your home. Online fitness is more flexible (no pun intended). Lastly, it allows you to work out when you have time, this makes adapting to a healthy life a whole lot easier. Probably one of the best advantages is that it is comparatively cheaper than in-person consultations with a trainer, while the results are identical!

How To Start An Online Personal Training Business?

People with hectic life schedules are increasingly utilizing online training programs and courses which makes the online fitness industry a very lucrative market. Moreover, fitness enthusiasts find online training programs to be fun, more engaging, and more connected. Online programs enable interaction with your customers in real-time and in-the-moment coaching tips.

Make use of all the tools at your disposal to build a sustainable fitness business online. We have curated a quick and easy guide on how to get started on your online personal training business. These steps will serve as a guide on how to start a fitness business.

Choose a Business/Revenue Model

You need to choose a business model for your online fitness course before selling workout plans online. A business or revenue model is how your fitness business will generate revenue. This includes the pricing of your services, the target audience you are selling your services to, the value delivery, and finally the cost to create your product or service. 

You can incorporate a membership model that would entail a recurring monthly fee. Or you can pay as you train model where your members pay a one-time access fee to your videos.

Plan the Content of your Online Fitness Course

Business model-check, next you need to choose the right content. You need to evaluate how you will package your content and deliver it to your clients.  Choose a niche and your business’ USP that gives it a unique flavor. After you decide on these things, you can plan your content accordingly and customize it if needed. By defining your buyer personas, you will make your content production and delivery more effective and seamless. You can choose from a variety of services such as: 

  1. Cross-fit Workouts
  2. Endurance Training
  3. Workouts for stress management and anxiety
  4. Yoga Workouts
  5. Videos focussed on particular techniques
  6. Holiday Exercise Regimen
  7. Nutrition and Fitness
Build a Website

To develop a robust, aesthetically pleasing website is key to selling your fitness courses. Your fitness website should be at the heart of your online business that will serve as your online identity selling your services and products to your target clients.

Furthermore, your website must include testimonials from your previous clients. If you are just starting out and don’t have clients you can give free demo lessons to potential clients or friends and family members and share their honest testimonials. 

Additionally, your website must contain is videos and pictures related to fitness. You can also, rather you should link your social media on your website so that potential clients can get a sneak peek into your fitness world. This fitness world of yours must look appealing and beneficial to these people only then will they spend their hard-earned money on your online fitness courses. Make sure to only post high-quality, professional-looking videos on your website. As a rule of thumb remember that quality is for your website and quantity is for your social media.

Core Features of Online Fitness Platforms:

Sell Fitness Courses Online

These features sum up the core features of an online fitness platform that help you stand apart amongst the crowd. Do you have all these integrated? If YES,  you are good to go.

Pro-Tips to Sell your Online Fitness Classes 

Firstly, social networks work like magic to start building a community of your fitness tribe considering the vast user base of social media users globally. Secondly, they hold immense potential to connect with professionals from the same industry, share exclusive discounts, and find your followers and fans, using these social media platforms.

Furthermore, the fitness community is huge and has especially grown significantly during the pandemic. Then again people have become more aware of their health and bodies. Lastly, it is the perfect time to get into the online fitness business if you are not a participant already. 

Build your community

You can use your social media to show people what you have got. You can post clips from your courses to build anticipation for your courses. Another way of building anticipation can be by adding countdowns for the launch of a new course. Limited period discounts work great too. There are many such ways in which you can leverage your social media clout to gain traffic for your website. 

If you don’t have a lot of followers don’t worry, this can easily be remedied. Growing on social media is not difficult at all. There is a formula you need to abide by post consistently and post a lot. Furthermore, the algorithm loves consistency and quantity. You can supplement this by collaborating with other people in your field. Additionally, you may also ask your clients to give you shoutouts or talk about their experiences on their social media. As a fitness expert, you can always give fitness tips, and nutrition tips and share workout videos/photos.

Sell Fitness Courses Online

For example, you can start a branded Facebook group to build relationships in a way that is personal and convenient for you. Take it a step ahead by sharing success stories or blog posts to share exclusively with your audience This will add immense value to your community and help build your online fitness community.

Market your platform

You can utilize content marketing tools such as blogs, newsletters, eBooks, videos, infographics, and live streaming to share your fitness information with your audience and drive quality traffic to your website. Email marketing is also a great way of reaching out to potential customers. You can do this with help of Exly expert marketing team. Email marketing is highly effective. For example – You ask people to signup for your upcoming course in exchange for discounts. This will not only create anticipation but also get you the email addresses of potential customers. You can then email these people, reminding them of the launch of your new online fitness course.

Cross-Promote Actively with a Complimentary Professional

The fitness fraternity boasts of a lot of professionals such as personal trainers, nutritionists, health coaches, life and wellness experts, yoga experts, etc. Leverage this vast network to facilitate cross-promotion so that you can mutually promote one another. It is a win-win situation for both parties. 

This will help you expand your client base as it expands your reach. You can also do promotional work for other fitness professionals as they do the same for you. In the future, you can also work on collaborative courses, etc. There can be a lot of possibilities to grow and learn if you work together with other professionals.

Furthermore, make sure you add high-quality images, appealing CTA, or a link to your website or videos so that you can get the maximum out of it. This is a pro-tip on how to sell workout programs online.

Wrapping Up: 

The demand for online training is on the rise in the fitness industry and it becomes significant for you as a fitness brand to establish your online fitness business. This guide can set the tone while you are on your way to starting your online fitness business to attract more clients and market your fitness programs to perfection.

Exly simplifies the process of how to create a fitness program online. It gives your virtual fitness business a right fit platform. Moreover, it guides you to curate the best online fitness programs.

Exly lets you build your own fitness website in under 5 minutes, schedule your online fitness coaching classes, customize listings, plan and schedule live fitness videos, 1-1 training sessions, and group classes, all under one roof. If this isn’t enough, Exly’s dynamic dashboard helps you keep track of your leads, your bookings, and payments in the most seamless way. 

Exly is a great platform for selling your fitness courses online. It will help you in many different ways. Not only is Exly highly compatible with the structure required by online courses but also a great business platform that helps you scale your business in a short period of time. All the features provided by Exly are included in the base price. At no point in your journey will you be required to pay an extra dime.

How can Exly help?

A professional-looking website is very important for any business. With Exly you can create your website in under 5 minutes. The best part is you don’t have to write a single line of code. You can select the layout of your website from existing templates as per your unique requirements.

  • The amazing CRM provided by Exly keeps your customers happy and satisfied. You can keep track of all your customer interactions. Additionally, you can also automate emails so you don’t have to worry about them. This will keep your customers happy and happy customers are more likely to return!
  • With Exly’s robust marketing you can reach out to more potential customers. Exly’s effective lead generation and conversion will help you get more customers in a short period of time. This will give your brand the exposure it rightly deserves.
  • Exly is compatible with all different kinds of payment mediums so that your customers don’t have to face any trouble with domestic or international payments. With our world going cashless it is of prime importance that you ensure the safety of your online transactions.
  • To manage your business with the precision you can take complete advantage of Exly’s detailed analytics. You can predict growth trends and patterns and further plan your business accordingly.
  • If you wish to add features or change existing features from your website you can do so easily on Exly.

Do check out Exly for creating a successful online business.

Happy Selling!

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