Advantages Of Online Classes You Must Know To Become A Pro

10 Advantages Of Online Classes You Need To Know

We live in the age of the internet. Everything is expressed and available at our fingertips. Gone are the days when access and opportunity used to stop people from fulfilling their dreams and aspirations. This has substantially increased the advantages of online classes listed ahead.

There was a time when skill and knowledge were not accessible to all. Students had to travel for many many kilometers to reach their school, to acquire basic education. For many people, higher education was not possible because of the lack of educational institutes in their locality. But times have changed for the better. With increased access to the internet, we have increased access to various opportunities. Hence the internet has made access to education easier and more affordable for the common man. 

Today we can simply go on to the internet and find the right course on the subject or skill that inspires us and learn it in no time. Other than ‘access’ online classes have many additional benefits too. In the past 2 years of Covid-19, we saw how kindergarten to Ph.D. level education all moved online. This transition to online education brought forward many benefits of online classes.

Why Are Online Classes Better?

Well, there are many advantages of online classes. Let us discuss in detail the 10 advantages of online classes.

1. Online courses connect you with the world

connect with world

The Internet has proven to connect people around the world like no other technology. Sadly there are still many people who don’t have access to the internet. However, still the fact that so many people who do have access to the internet can communicate across the world instantly and at such minimal cost speaks volumes about the importance of the internet as an uber-important tool of the modern man.

One of the many advantages of online classes is that you can choose to do an international course too. Online classes are extremely affordable compared to the cost of going abroad to pursue your education.

It is also highly likely that the course material that you are exposed to, while taking an online class, like a website or research paper, etc might be from different countries. 

If you wish to learn about Italian cooking or French painting, you can take an online course taught by a native expert. You might end up making friends from around the world while taking these courses and classes. What better exposure and adventure can you ask for from the comfort of your home?

2. Online classes make a person self-disciplined 

advantages of online learning

Laziness and procrastination are one of the biggest shortcomings of our generation. It troubles all people alike. We put off things to the last minute. And this often also gets us in trouble and it is not that it most definitely reduces the quality of our work.

When it comes to education and learning this can be a detrimental practice, this reduces the learning outcome significantly and leads to no benefit. When we leave out studies to the last moment it automatically reflects in our academic performance in the form of poor assignments and low grades or marks in examinations.

The only way to do well in a class is to plan and prepare ahead of time. As they say, the early bird gets the worm, i.e gets the world done and well.

The realization of the fact that time is precious and that one needs to prepare in advance for the future is invaluable. 

In an online class, no one can compel you to study or ask questions, similarly, no one can force you to submit assignments or take tests. The student has to take all responsibility for their education. The motivation to study and study well in a disciplined way for an online class has to come from within. This intrinsic motivation and conscious involvement of the student in the process of learning is also called ‘active learning’ or ‘student-centered learning.

The student who takes an online class takes complete responsibility for their learning; that student develops into a person who is highly motivated and takes responsibility for his action.

3. Online courses are quite affordable 

advantages of online education

When you think about taking an online course, it might seem a bit expensive when you add the various costs involved. There is the primary cost of the course you are taking, then the cost of an internet connection, and the cost of a phone or laptop through which you will attend classes.

That being said when you compare it with taking an offline college course. That would involve the college tuition fee which would definitely be far more expensive compared to the online course. Then there will be the cost of travel from where you live to campus or moving to a hostel near your college. There will be the cost of books and library subscriptions.

When you go to an offline college you will also need to buy lunch for yourself. If you have kids you will have to pay for their daycare while you take classes as the class structure will not be according to you but according to your teacher and fellow students, unlike in online classes where you decide when to take a class. If you have a full-time job you will have to miss work to attend classes which can affect your performance and goodwill at work.

Therefore, on the surface, online classes might seem expensive but when you compare the cost of online classes with the cost of attending a regular, offline college you will realize that there are many other hidden costs that make offline classes significantly more expensive for a common man.  We can conclude by saying the advantages of online learning outweigh its disadvantages.

4. Online courses make you street smart

advantages of online education

When you take an online course on any subject or skill you also learn the technical skills of web browsing and e-mail, skills that can be mentioned on your resume. These additional skills on the resume will give you an edge over candidates who have the same academic qualifications as you do.

When you know how to get the right information from the internet in a short amount of time, this skill opens up many doors of opportunity in your personal and professional life alike.

You can find jobs online, meet new people who can offer you different perspectives and opportunities, compare the cost and prices of different things for your personal or professional use, access great works online to compare and contrast in order to enhance your understanding, and so on. The possibilities are practically endless.

5. Online classes are highly convenient

convenience of online learning

Practically the biggest advantage of online classes is that you can make your study schedule at your convenience. Your classroom and instructor are available 24/7 and you may attend classes as and when you deem suitable. 

Your entire course material is available in one place you don’t have to buy additional books or go to libraries. All you have to do is log in to your online class and study. You have no excuse for missing any class or assignment as you get multiple reminders on your email for due work and classes. You can schedule your classes according to your preference and even schedule submission dates as per your liking.

6. Online classes offer you great flexibility 

flexibility of online classes

You can study any time you deem fit. Online course platforms give you the flexibility to spend time as per your liking. You can easily divide your time between your studies and family or work, etc.

Online classes are especially useful for those individuals who have a full-time job or a job where their schedule might change frequently or a self-own business that might need attention at any time. 

7. Online classes start a process of lifelong learning

process of online learning

For most of us, what we study in school or an online course is forgotten right after the final exam

But with sufficient curiosity and knowing how to find information online one can ensure that learning is always part of their life. You can always get a subject online and look it up or better yet try to learn it. 

In the process of attending online classes, you develop the skills to find information, understand it, and put it to use to answer your questions or problems.

8. Online classes improve critical thinking 

Online learning requires critical thinking skills. The students need to apply critical thinking skills in their daily routine. Critical thinking skills can also be developed in a traditional classroom but they become way more enhanced in an independent learning environment.

 This happens because online classes are more self-motivated and self-paced, they require you to constantly take your own decisions. For example, when will you take classes you need to plan your day, you need to decide when will you take class, when you will revise, and when will you do your other chores. Online classes require you to plan your entire day with practicality.

Critical thinking skills are significant for everyone, be it a student, employee, or business owner. They apply to various aspects of our life. Developing these skills is highly beneficial for individuals.

9. Online learning enhances your perspective and leadership skills

importance of online classes

Online learning courses bring students from all around the world under one umbrella. This provides a broader range of perspectives during discussions in an online class. 

International connectivity also encourages cross-cultural understanding. Students get exposed to new points of view. These views enhance their perspective of the world. This prepares them to be accepting and understanding citizens of their country and the world. Additionally, it shapes leadership skills in them. As a leader must have an expansive understanding and must know how to lead a group with diverse views.

 10. Online classes offer more variety 

importance of online classes

Lastly, advantages of online classes also include the freedom of choice. The world is rapidly changing. New jobs are created every day in fields that didn’t even exist 5 years ago. It is highly possible that you want to learn a new skill or subject for a new and exciting job opportunity or just for pleasure but you have already graduated from college and can not afford to leave your job and attend college for 4 years, yet again.

It is also possible what you want to learn is not yet being taught in formal educational institutes. This is because traditional education systems are rigid and hence need time to bring in new subjects and skills into their curriculum.

What to do then?

Well instead of waiting for traditional institutes to introduce a particular subject or leaving your full-time job what you can do is find an online course being offered by an expert in the subject you are interested in. 

There are many additional benefits of online education –

  • You get to learn from a person who is an expert in that field and has practical experience as opposed to a teacher of a traditional educational institute who does not have any practical experience and only teaches theory.
  • Instead of settling for an outdated course in a traditional institute, you can choose from various online courses which teach unique and latest topics.


So far we have discusses many merits of online classes. Depending on various other responsibilities like job/ business or kids there are many advantages of online classes for students. The importance of online classes was further highlighted during the pandemic. 

We have mentioned above 10 advantages of online classes although there are many more. Online classes are-

  • Affordable
  • Easily accessible 
  • Convenient 
  • Enhance critical thinking 
  • Great for self-discipline 
  • Improve leadership skills 
  • Offer better variety of subjects and courses
  • Make you a global citizen 
  • Teach you technical skills 
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