9 Steps to Become a Successful Online Fitness Coach

Successful Online Fitness Coach

In the online space today, there are many online fitness trainer, which translates to a lot of competition in terms of clients and pricing. In order to become a successful online personal fitness coach you need to have more than just a passion for fitness, you need to have an acute sense of business and a strategy for not just running your business but expanding your clients.

It is a good thing that fitness is a booming industry in India and in the busy, post-pandemic world people are on the lookout for online personal fitness trainers. Virtual personal trainers can make good money by providing online fitness training to high-end clients. For attracting high-end clients for your online fitness consultation you need to first have a legitimate certification in the field of fitness and nutrition and more importantly, have a brand name that goes with a professional business website.

It would be best to say everything is connected and in order to become a successful online fitness coach, you will need to take care of many small things that make a huge difference when added together. 

9 Steps to Become a Successful Online Fitness Coach

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1. Select A Niche & Stick To It.

Don’t try to hop on the trends, stick to what you know. Stick to the form of exercise or sport that you specialize in. Hone your niche and keep working hard to master it. This is how you can beat the competition and come on top of your game.

In the age of information, people do their adequate research before paying for any service. Your students/customers would hence have certain expectations from you even before starting the class.

Always remember, people, pay for your expertise. They can always get general fitness information from the internet for free. The reason they are paying you is for your specialized knowledge.

2. Market Your Unique Selling Point

The online marketplace is saturated with fitness coaches. It is hence important for you to distinctively establish yourself and your brand name. 

Your brand must have a signature by which people identify what you offer them. For example, if you are a yoga instructor and specialize in dealing with people recovering from severe injuries, in this case, you should market your online course or consultation in such a way that it reaches the right audience.  

Similarly, if you specialize in weight training then your course should be marketed in such a way that it reaches people who are looking for weight training. 

Lead capturing will naturally increase if you are targeting the right audience. You can take the assistance of platforms like Exly that help you manage and run your entire business, including active lead generation and capturing.

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3. Have A Professional Looking Website

For an online business, a website is very essential. The important thing is that your website should look professional so that it generates trust in the people who might not know you or your work previously.

The website should look clean and professional. It should provide the visitor with all the relevant information in an easy manner. Your website should also look unique and should show your personality, as the people are coming there to take lessons from you and not to buy an inanimate object.

There are a plethora of business website builders that you can select from to build your website and manage your business.

4. Focus On Business Expansion

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Expansion should be the center of your business model. The only way to sustain a business is by growing. To grow your business it is absolutely essential that you have robust CRM or customer relations management. Apart from this, it is essential that you target the correct audience for marketing. Lead generation and capturing will help you expand your business.

For a single owner, it can be very difficult to manage all this in addition to providing the service. As mentioned earlier, there are many business website building and managing platforms that can help you do the same.

5. Create Multiple Online Courses 

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You should have enough courses on your website so that people have options to choose from. A person who has completed a course with you might want to continue training with you. You need to be prepared for this situation in advance.

Additionally, you should know your audience, you should know what is it that people want. You should only create new courses after doing adequate market research. You can also ask your clients for feedback and build on an idea from there.

6. Use Social Media To Your Advantage

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Social media can act as wind under your wings. Social media has a strong hold over people these days. You should leverage this to your advantage.

You can post your videos, blogs, and pictures related to fitness and nutrition on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and/or youtube. If you consistently post on these platforms, you can easily gain a good following. 

This following will be useful for you in 2 ways, first, people who follow you will more likely be tempted to buy your fitness course or get personal consultation, and second, the people who don’t know you from before, when they google you they will be able to get a preview of your work and they will get to know that you are reliable.

Social media is a great way to build your personal brand and market your skills or business. A good social media presence will work as a certificate of credibility for you.

7. Increase Your Credibility

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Make sure to get testimonials for your clients and highlight them on your website and social media too. Customer reviews are very powerful and influential, no matter your industry.  They are very crucial especially when you are starting out. Testimonials go a long way in building trust even before a client signs up with you.

Make sure that you ask current as well as former clients to provide testimonials; you can post these on your new website and social media for new possible clients to see. A good time to ask someone for a testimonial is when they have reached some milestone in their journey. This is because by then they would have worked with you for long enough to provide you with a detailed and honest review. Additionally, on reaching a milestone the client would naturally be happy and will more likely give you a great review. 

What to do if you have just started and have no previous client?

Don’t worry, where there is will there is the way. You can offer free sessions to interested people or friends and family and get their honest reviews to publish on your website.

8. Keep Learning, Get The Right Qualifications 

how to become a fitness trainer

You can always strive to better yourself. Make sure that you have the education, certification, and licenses that are required for coaching people in a certain discipline.

Basic certification and licenses are non-negotiable.

You can always further your education in your respective field. You should keep up with advanced certification so that you know all that there is to know, in order to be an able teacher for your clients.

9. Be Patient & Believe In Your Hard Work 

Exactly like the fitness business requires hard work, discipline, and patience. When you are dedicated to your goal and put in your best efforts, success follows soon enough. 

To reach the heights and become a successful online fitness coach, you need to make sure you don’t compromise on 3 things,

  • First is your qualification/ education and training, 
  • Second is being true to your clients and working for their benefit, and
  • Third and equally important is that you should absolutely not ignore the business and marketing side of things. Your skills help you provide the service and marketing and business management help you build your brand and expand your clients and increase profits.
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How you can use Exly to your advantage?

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