16 Productivity Tools For Your Business That Actually Work

productivity tools
Productivity tools: Have you ever given thought to the fact of how much more powerful we all could have been if we were to omit the curse of procrastination once and for all?

Imagine not having to forget an idea just because you were too lazy to write it down. Imagine not having to forget about the team meeting because you were too lazy to set an alarm.

Sounds too good to be true, don’t they? But here is a list of 16 productivity tools, composed carefully by the procrastination community itself, that are tried and tested not to fail you.

16 Productivity Tools:


With the help of the time tracking tool Toggl, you can see how long each task takes. Toggl is easy to use: Just enter your job, press start, and get to work.


This procedure can highlight more significant workflow trends. You can add more time to your workday for social media marketing, for instance, if posting to social media always takes longer than anticipated.

Toggl can be used to keep track of hours spent for several clients if you work as a freelancer, which makes budgeting simple.

Who is it perfect for? Creators who want to understand how their time is spent and independent contractors who must keep track of the length of time spent on various client projects.


A Detailed reporting, a tracker, a weekly timesheet, and a calendar are all included in the Clockify time management tool. Additionally, you can allocate tasks to various projects or categories.


You can keep track of how much time you spend writing screenplays, filming instructional videos, and producing marketing materials if you are building an online course. By the time the project will be complete, you will also be able to calculate the duration of each job that went into creating your online course.

Clockify also includes team time monitoring options for scheduling leave and managing workloads.

Who it works best for: People and groups who need a clear time-tracking interface with the capacity to assign tasks to particular projects.

Focus Booster

With the Pomodoro app Focus Booster, you can work in brief and concentrated periods to complete more work.

Using the Pomodoro productivity technique, you’ll work for 25 minutes at a time before taking a quick break. With this technique, interruptions are less likely, and you might be surprised by how much you can get done quickly.

Focus Booster

Focus Booster features general time tracking, daily to-do lists, a dashboard overview, and alarms to keep you on track in addition to facilitating Pomodoro sessions.

Who it’s best for: Those who want to employ a digital Pomodoro system for productivity, such as artists and small business owners.


For the next name in our list of 16 productivity tools, we have SelControl, quite a self-explaining name.

With the help of the free Mac program SelfControl, you can block websites while working or studying.

Set a timer, choose the sites you don’t want to be able to access and decide how long you want to block distractions. These websites won’t be accessible to you until the countdown expires, allowing you to focus on your most crucial responsibilities.


It is a basic productivity tool, yet it is effective.

According to research by the American Psychological Association, multitasking or switching between things while working can reduce productivity by 40%. SelfControl enables you to maintain your attention on the task at hand.

Users of Apple Macs who want to prevent distracting websites while in work mode will benefit from it the most. Unfortunately, neither Windows, Linux, Android, nor iOS support SelfControl.

Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey eliminates internet temptations and distractions similarly to SelfControl. You can restrict access to the internet or limit access to certain websites, domains, or keyword searches.

Cold Turkey

You may take things a step further with the Pro plan and block specific programs, games, and folders on your computer. Blocks can also be set to go into effect at a future date and time.

Cold Turkey also produces a version specifically designed for authors that essentially transforms your computer into a typewriter. Until you reach your target word count or your timer expires, all you can do is write.

Who it’s best for: Any creator who wants to ban obtrusive websites and computer programs, especially writers.


You can eliminate all digital distractions with Freedom. Hide e-commerce sites, social media networks, video games, mobile applications, and even the entire internet.


Freedom allows you to arrange blocks of time in advance and works on an infinite number of devices, allowing your present self to stop your future self from wasting time.

For instance, you might use Freedom to block non-essential websites for a few hours each day if you wanted to write an ebook in seven days. You’ll be forced to put your nose to the grindstone once the block starts.

Best suited for: People who wish to arrange future blocked hours and need to erase distractions from all of their gadgets.


On your iPhone or Android, you may enhance your productivity and reduce distractions by using the Forest app. Employees believe that gamification enhances productivity at work 89% of the time, and Forest does this adorable.


Open the Forest app to set a timer when you have work to accomplish. You’ll notice a virtual tree expanding as the timer progresses.

Your tree will swell and grow if you don’t check your phone. The tree will, however, perish if you close the program to perform other tasks. By completing activities, you can eventually create a beautiful forest.

Who it’s great for: Creators who need to stay focused and want some motivation.


Popular project management software Asana is great for independent artists and expanding teams. You can manage your to-do lists, view tasks in Kanban boards, and keep track of project schedules in Asana.


Goal progression, calendar views, team workload management, and integrated time tracking are also provided to provide you with a bird’s eye view of your company in one location.

You may connect Asana with practically every other tool you use to run your business thanks to its more than one hundred integrations.

Who it works best for: People and teams who require a dashboard to manage their tasks, calendars, and projects. Even if you already use other applications, integrations make this a simple choice.


With the help of the effective project management and to-do list app ClickUp, you can centrally organize your company’s operations. With thorough task cards, collaborative documents, team chat, and time monitoring, you can stay on top of things.


To boost efficiency, you can also automate administrative chores and create unique workflows. There are many lovely templates available to help you get started.

You can use ClickUp to manage your personal life, your work, or both because it offers distinct “Spaces.”

For instance, if you’re juggling full-time work and a side business, you can create different spaces for each. You have the option of viewing each one separately or switching to the “Everything” mod to see all of your chores and upcoming events on a simple dashboard.

Who it’s perfect for: Solopreneurs or small enterprises who need a single location to organize tasks and keep tabs on current initiatives. If you intend to use collaboration tools and cutting-edge technologies like automated workflows, you will receive bonus points.


Trello is a Kanban-style productivity tool for organizing and managing your to-do list. Users can arrange cards in lists and calendars in addition to boards for a different perspective.


You never have to be concerned about forgetting things because each card contains room for subtasks and checklists. Trello also includes automation tools to eliminate time-consuming operations and maintain workflows.

Trello is popular among solo producers, but it’s also fantastic for small teams. You can simply share important information like deadlines, notes, files, and feedback if you work with freelancers or hire a virtual assistant.

Who it works best for: People or teams searching for a board-style organizational structure for large-scale projects, client management, or just staying organized in daily life.

Workspace by Google (Formerly known as G Suite)

A well-known collection of business productivity tools called Google Workspace can alter the way you handle team communication.

You can manage your emails using Gmail, hold video conferences with Google Hangouts, and keep track of due dates with Google Calendar all from within your Google Workspace.

In Google Drive, you can also arrange your files. With integrated collaboration tools, you can save crucial company assets and produce shareable spreadsheets, forms, papers, and presentations.

Maintain meeting and due date awareness while working with your team to edit Google Docs in real-time and take full advantage of email features. For optimal convenience, everything is accessible across all of your devices.

Who’s it best for: Artists and company entrepreneurs who desire a strong platform for communication, teamwork, and data storage.


Check out 1Password if you’ve ever wasted time looking for unusual usernames and passwords. You can store passwords and securely share them with team members using the password management tool 1Password.

Simply keep in mind one master password, and 1Password will handle the rest. Saving a few minutes every day may seem insignificant, but it adds up.

It works well for people who need to save a lot of passwords in one place and require a secure way to share passwords with coworkers.


Evernote is one such productivity tools that you can use for many desired results. You can scribble down notes, create sketches, to-do lists, memos, store files, and more using the Evernote note-taking app. Checklists, tables, colors, and other organizational tools can all be used to create rich notes.


In essence, Evernote is a system of programmable digital notebooks that you may set up whatever you like. Everything you write is synchronized between the desktop and mobile apps of Evernote, allowing you to easily discover whatever you’re looking for by using the search function.

Who it’s best for: Writers who have a lot of writing-related chores and require a method for organizing and searching their notes and documents.



If you create photos for your business, Canva is a graphic design application you must have tried already. Designing ebooks, logos, banners, social media graphics, animated movies, slide shows, workbooks, reports, resumes, and other documents have never been easier.

You can certainly create any kind of creative stuff on Canva.

You’ll get access to stock photographs, images, icons, fonts, and other materials that you may use to create the materials you need for digital marketing. Additionally, Canva has themes that will give even the least design-savvy business owner the impression that they are professionals.

What’s more, Canva is cost-free. This is one of the best free business tools available for creators, even though the commercial plans are more powerful.

Who is it best for: All creators and small businesses who produce multimedia materials for their brands.


You can connect all of your company systems using Zapier, an innovative productivity app, and automation tool. Since time-consuming manual chores may now be completed automatically, it saves a tonne of time.


For instance, you could set up Zapier to notify you on Slack whenever a potential customer downloads your lead magnet. Alternatively, you might program a spreadsheet to automatically enter client data each time someone buys a digital download.

These procedures, known as Zaps, can improve your company by automating operations and making sure that crucial information reaches the correct people.

Among the over three thousand apps that Zapier interfaces with are Microsoft Office, Outlook, Dropbox, Calendly, and Calendly, to mention a few.

Who it’s best for: Creators and business owners who need a means to link the various technologies they use to operate their enterprises.

Productivity Tools: Exly

For the last name in our list of productivity tools, we have Exly.

A master platform for all your business needs, Exly scales your creator’s business through their free website building tools, payment gateway integration, inbuilt leads conversion tools, and other business automation tools.

It is especially great for budding entrepreneurs as it provides opportunities to collaborate with big names in the market like Ajio, Boat, The Man Company, and a lot more.


Apart from entrepreneurs, it is also great for educational creators who tackle a client community. From sending out automated payment reminders, course subscription notifications, meeting links, et cetera, Exly takes away all such petty works from the hands of the creators so that they can focus on just the things that matter and keep delivering us great content.


Who is it built for?

Exly is built for anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur and grow exponentially by going online – independent professionals, coaches, instructors, studios, experts, influencers, and creators. At Exly, we believe in a world with no boring jobs!

Join the team now and get access to all the cool features free of cost for a demo session!

That was our list of 16 most loved productivity tools that actually work. Try as many as you can and get your content game back to its original shape by cutting off that procrastinating sprit!


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