Exly Offers Online Creators New Ways To Earn

Exly was founded with the vision of a world with no boring jobs and a mission to make professionals, artists, and creators more productive and successful by providing them with the best-in-class tools and services to launch, manage and grow their businesses online. 

In that attempt, Exly has enabled online creators to not only monetize their business in a more channelized manner but also increase their reach from their existing audience to a more focused audience from all over the world.

Today, thousands of creators use Exly to

  • Market their courses with minimum to no investment
  • Give a professional outlook to their brand by building a landing page
  • Increase their lead generation through advanced conversion funnels and relevant tools
  • Give a platform to their courses in the most seamless way

And a lot more!

Creator Nehaa Goyal is a DNA astrologer, Numerology specialist, and Empowerment Coach. She saw a hike in her revenue generation by 673% within just 6 months of joining Exly. 

Nehaa Goyal revenue hike

Another online creator, Paras Arora, specializes in the stock market and trading. He generated Rs 25 lakhs within 90 days of integrating his business with Exly.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the company saw a huge rise in the creator’s economy. Along with that, it also witnessed a sharp difference in the market of the industry. Today, the market is diverse as our very own Indian culture! From cooking to a tarot reading, everything can be learned and taught online, with the help of just a few clicks.

But What is The Significance of So Many Courses In the Online Creators Economy?

Mark Haseltine, who is currently the CEO of Teachable said in an interview that he believes education online to be the future. “There are so many topics that aren’t covered by higher-ed institutions that are really necessary for people to live full lives and for their careers.”

“(Creators) are entrepreneurs, right? They’re looking for gaps in the education system that they’re filling. Every person I talked to has the same type of story— “I was just hearing this from my audience. They really wanted education on this, and I could provide it ahead of anybody else.” 

Today’s creators prefer to play all of their cards openly. Influencers are constantly appearing on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and others. Getting noticed in that pool of producers where people peruse dozens of profiles each day can frequently be a difficult effort to do.

In such an economy, Exly is a service that enables you to use a platform where you may accomplish two key goals:

  • show yourself more effectively to improve your market image
  • and move your sales and conversions along more quickly and efficiently.

You can put a seal on your reputation as a content generator in your market by creating a customised webpage among other things.

How Has Exly Evolved Since its Founding? 

For the first few years, Exly focused on providing creators with the necessary resources. Such as signups and registrations—all the mechanics of setting up and managing a course—so they could construct an online course and reach their audience.

It needs to be automated because there are so many solopreneurs. They should find it simple to complete. Many of these creators were instructors, although not on a platform for courses. And when their companies expanded, doing it that way proved impossible. 

The range of alternatives available to you to choose, select, and pick your way across your webpage is what sets Exly apart. Your presentability will be improved if you select a custom design, add, or display your favourite photos.

Personal Website

As time went on, we added new features. Such as, more in-depth courses and content categories, and a commerce function. These allowed you to start charging for various platform capabilities, significantly increasing the platform’s growth and scale.

For an instance, we recently launched a new product update in January 2023, called Segments. 

Segments: Send Efficient Communications To Your Customers & New Leads

This feature solves the problem of running out mail campaigns but having very few responses revert back because they are only relevant to your most loyal customers. 

Segments is a brand-new method for communicating with your consumers and fresh leads. It is done in a way that is focused and very effective. When you have access to the most recent information about your company and its offers, you can keep a particular group of consumers who you know will result in better conversions informed in order to increase revenue.

This feature makes it clear which categories to invest in moving forward as well as which segments are generating more income, responding favourably to your advertising, and much more.

Additionally, using Exly’s default segments saves time and effort. This is done by eliminating the need to choose several contacts each time you wish to make a WhatsApp broadcast or execute an email campaign. The best thing, though? You get full access to every message sent to these groups, allowing you to effectively plan your upcoming conversations.

You can send customized emails and WhatsApp messages to a selected consumer segment using segmentation. When you are aware of the clientele who will get the most from an upgrade and consequently experience the most conversion, selecting the appropriate segment for that update becomes simple. Using this functionality, you may send specialized deals, discounts, reminder updates, and much more to a certain audience segment.

How do Online Creators Make Money on Exly? 

We provide a range of subscription options, from free to pro. We assess a transaction charge based on the plan. Creators use numerous methods to generate income. Students are typically charged for access to the course. And they decided on that price.

Exly can help your online business not only get off the ground but also grow significantly. Consider starting an offline store with a basic setup. And then, upgrading it over time. From creating a business with a pleasing aesthetic to promoting it to those seeking your area of expertise. Exly handles all matters pertaining to the virtual domain.

Apart from this, online creators can also use Brand affiliations and partnerships to earn commissions. It can be done with the ease of sipping a warm cup of coffee sitting on their couch. All they need to do is sign up to become our affiliate partner and promote Exly to earn rewards! 

We also offer 50% commissions on the revenue generated (paid out each month) from each paying customer you refer.

Creators are given their own unique referral link and access to their own dashboard with marketing materials and performance reports. They can share referral link on social media, in emails, blogs, websites, or simply with friends & family.

Exly Solves Business Problems For Online Creators

Fitness trainer Yogratnam pointed out one of his major problems before Exly: 

  • To convince each client that the plans would be beneficial to them, he had to make manual, repetitive efforts.
  • He lacked a platform on which he could catalog all of his stuff and present it to clients.
  • Prior to Exly, he had to manually pitch the plans to each prospective client using PDFs and providing transformation photographs for credibility, which was a very time-consuming and laborious procedure.
  • The ability to gather and convert leads from various sources became a challenge for his firm.

The low conversion rate, which caused his business’ growth to stagnate, was thus the biggest obstacle.

How did Exly make it better? In contrast to his prior strategies, he approached no client directly to ask them to purchase his course. He didn’t advertise his services individually or try to persuade them. 

Instead, prospective customers independently learned about Yogratnam’s course through Exly’s performance marketing tactics. They evaluated his services on his website, signed up through Exly, evaluated all the offers, and bought the desired course. Simply put, Yogratnam was informed of the purchase and the customer’s WhatsApp number. That is when he thought “yeh toh yaar bahut easy hai (this is way too easy).”

“Exly helped me build a credible brand with a professional website where I could upload my courses, showcase my past work and display testimonials of happy clients.”

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Another astrology creator Monica said that, prior to finding Exly, she ran her firm as a “one-man army.”

She also used to rely on word-of-mouth advertising to promote her courses. But this approach had its own issues, such as demographic restrictions and resource constraints.

Monica has now worked with a large team of professionals and has taken advantage of Exly’s Performance Marketing and Advanced Lead Capturing Feature, greatly expanding her sphere of influence.

What does Monica love about Exly?

Monica, added that what appealed to her most about our platform was how accessible and transparent the platform was. 

“When I switched to Exly, I got the ‘bestest’ results, literally,” Monica about Exly.

Online Creators Meet The Most Relevant Tools Available In The Market Through Exly

Another Exlypreneur, Paras Arora, who teaches courses related to financial resources and trading, used a variety of tools like Advanced Lead Capturing Funnel, Audience Segmentation, Seamless Integrations, Analytics, Performance Marketing, Tracking, etc. through a single dashboard for his business.

By automating it using Exly, Paras curated the entire workflow, from advertising his courses to accepting payments, in one location.

Paras ran Performance Marketing advertisements that were customized for him, converting high-intent leads and ultimately generating income. In addition to achieving a great Return-On-Advertising-Spend, Paras said that this service at Exly is his current favorite (ROAS).

With the help of an intuitive dashboard from Exly, Paras took full charge of his company and accessed all the information he required in one location. He was able to foresee growth, improve his online courses, and manage his marketing initiatives with the aid of the business automation platform.

Exly also offers an intuitive user interface that makes it simple to access all of Paras’ marketing tool needs, including his website pages, payment methods, emails, and leads. Additionally, Exly made it simple for him to build a powerful sales funnel so he could focus more on making money and less on getting people to visit his website.

What can you get from Exly?

Exly’s mission is to see a world where every individual is empowered to follow their passion and realize their full potential. In the words of our very own CEO Suyash Sharma, “ We wish to make creators more productive and successful by providing them the best tools and services to launch, manage and grow their business online”

Exly offers a variety of services that might improve your entire experience with the world of online business.

  • Simple website creator – In just 5 minutes, create a professional-looking website!
  • A list of your services – Provide a public listing of all of your services and products.
  • improved client interaction – Be effective in your client communications.
  • Uncomplicated payment gateway Simple payment management
  • Tools for business automation With Exly, automate your business.

Your clients, leads, and business partners can read your content on a credible platform by visiting your Exly webpage where you’ve posted information on your workshops, classes, and sessions. This gives you the additional benefit of projecting a professional image and drawing more official attention to your business.

A website can serve as a launching pad for your content enterprise. Your website serves as your own right hand for managing daily duties, automation needs, and more, particularly when adding a professional quality to your brand. Exly condenses all of those capabilities into a manageable package and gives it to you in the form of your own homepage so you can choose what works best for you.

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