This Is How This Creator Made 16 Lacs In Her Astrology Business In 90 Days

Expanding an astrology business is similar to growing the majority of self-run businesses that provide customized services to their clients. Studying the tactics used by other successful astrologers and company owners, in general, can teach you a lot about growing your clientele. Therefore, we have got the journey from one such 

Who is Monica Gargg?

Monica Gargg started her journey with astrology business and life coaching 5 years ago through various self-help programs like motivational speaking, mind coaching, and numerology and stumbled across Exly post-COVID-19 pandemic. She is someone who is committed to helping people achieve their goals with inspiring sessions on career counseling, individually and professionally. 

However, as she explains, things didn’t come as easily in her way as it sounds. Gargg admitted to having had her fair share of experiences that helped her learn and is still in the process of the same. As a matter of fact, Monica explained herself as someone who was always average since her schooling days. From declaring herself “good for nothing” to discovering herself in newer ways, Monica indeed witnessed the harshest blows of being on a non-traditional career path. 

It was the staunch dedication and belief in herself that made it possible for Monica to achieve all the milestones she did as of now, including convincing her own father to let her pursue what she believed in.

However, interacting with the high-spirited and enthusiastic creator, it was inevitable for us to wonder how she dealt with the times that weren’t very encouraging for her, as she mentioned, and therefore, let’s look into the journey of Monica Gargg further. 

Tackling her internal battles all the while maintaining her positive persona, how does our creator Monica Gargg keep up with this?

When asked about her ways to deal with the blues, Monica explained that as a motivational speaker and manifestation coach, she is a believer in “expressing” emotions rather “than suppressing” them. She added that she is extremely open and transparent with her students regarding her emotions and openly admits to being vulnerable in front of them. 

Monica added there was a time in her career when she almost gave up her profession but was driven by forces unknown and that now that she has her priorities sorted and aligned, she can’t imagine herself in any other profession. 

With the same 24 hours we all get, how does Monica manage to fit in so many activities in her day-to-day life?

As modest as it sounds, Monica confessed that her daily routine was nothing unimaginable, rather it would provoke a third person to ask “Maam, aap kaam karte bhi ho? (Ma’am, do you even work)”.

Instead, she chooses mindfully what she wants on her plate, denying the entry of the hustle culture anywhere near her. She further explained that instead of worrying about waking up as late as 10 in the morning, she focuses on making her day productive. Highlighting the importance of a sane amount of sleep, Monica said that we end up worrying too much about the additional hours of sleep rather than thinking about the remaining productive hours of the day.

How Did Exly Help Monica With Her Astrology Business Journey?

Before discovering Exly, Monica mentioned that she functioned as a “one-man army” in regard to her business. She also used to rely upon the word-of-mouth strategy for publicizing her courses, however, that strategy came with its own problems, for instance, demographic barriers and limitations of resources.

Having joined Exly, Monica collaborated with an entire team of specialists and used Exly’s Performance Marketing and Advanced Lead Capturing Feature which increased her scope vastly.

What is that exact thing that Monica loves about Exly? 

In the words of one of the highest performing creators, Monica stated that the ease of access and transparency is what struck the chords for her, adding that she experienced a significant amount of growth ever since she joined our team.

“When I switched to Exly, I got the ‘bestest’ results, literally,” Monica about Exly.

Monica Grew to 16 Lakh Business Revenue In 90 Days Of Joining Exly 

Monica’s Revenue

Disclosing her success in numbers, Monica disclosed her impressive growth of Rupees 16 Lakh in just 3 months of joining our team and being an #Exlypreneur. 

May 2022Jun 2022Jul 2022Total
GMV₹ 382,287₹ 680,403₹ 584,070₹ 1,646,760

Furthermore, to our pride, Monica acknowledged the contribution of Exly’s Performance Marketing to have had a major role in her growth. She explained that while others acknowledge her growth as a coach individually from the frontline, she acknowledges team Exly to back her and make her reach heights.

Are you an Astrologer too who is looking to grow your business? Take Monica’s success story for inspiration. This is how Exly can help you – 

‘A world full of NO boring jobs’

This is what we believe at Exly. And that’s why we help you automate your business so that you can focus on what really matters, your passion. We do the mundane part like capturing leads, sending out bulk emails, tracking your payments, and lead conversions so that you can do what you do best. 

In fact, there is so much more than just selling your products and services in the business. It’s about creating your brand presence and a loyal customer base that keeps returning. At Exly, you can explore everything. We hold no feature back from you! 

Let me list out a bunch of things you need to go and try on Exly now! 
  • Make your own page, like in less than 5 five minutes or so. And don’t let procrastination stop you, starting a task is completing 60% of it.
  • Instead of making a thousand clicks for your cold emails, you can automate them on Exly.
  • Post a variety of content. Text, videos, pictures, everything, don’t miss out on any of them!
  • Distribute your content on social media platforms, and be present where your audience is!
  • Receive payments through a safe interface! Even better is to give one-time offers, limited-time offers, and so on.
  • Track your analytics. Check what works for you and what doesn’t. 

Try Coaching on Exly

There’s so much more to this ever-evolving app that you’ll be the one telling us all about it. It’s time you scale your Astrology business with Exly now!


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