Exly VS Thinkific

exly vs thinkific

We can all agree that getting started with your online course listing journey is difficult. An instructor/creator must learn how to use a laptop to record lectures, display screens, create an online course, collect payments, schedule live sessions, and much more. 

Not only this, but in today’s paradigm, mere listing is not enough. In order to stand out from the competition, you also need a dedicated sales funnel to support the marketing of your courses over platforms.

This raises the following question:

Which platform is best for earning money from online courses?”

As a result, let’s get started comparing and contrasting two online course builders, Exly vs Thinkific. In the end, you’ll have a better idea of which one to pick.

Exly VS Thinkific

Limited Time Offers
Discount Codes
Brand/Affiliate Partnerships
Marketing Integration Tools
Automated Drip Campaigns
Messaging via Whatsapp
Email Campaign
Instant KYC
International Payments
Insightful Dashboard
Multiple Templates
Ease of use

Exly and Thinkfic both offer a variety of capabilities for building platforms, listing courses, and providing unique deals and promotions across numerous platforms. However, there are a few areas where Thinkific falls short of delivering a comprehensive approach with its programs.

The most significant disadvantage is that they do not emphasize a specialized sales conversion funnel, at least not for starting programs. Other aspects that are necessary for generating continuous revenue through courses are slightly lacking.

Because there is so much more to be done in a creator’s area, this essentially takes the freedom of time away from the creator and gives it to the corporation that deals with a very narrow section of your business.

Thinkific comes with options for four plans. Its pricing goes as high as $399/ month. Consecutively, these plans also limit access to certain features and the number of courses that one instructor can launch on their platform.

What all does Thinkific offer?

They have a landing page builder, a payment gateway, and video hosting built-in. The platform also enables creators to issue certificates to users after they have completed the courses. With the most robust and intuitive course and website builder, Thinkific helps you share your expertise, scale your business, and bring your idea to life.

Thinkific makes it simple to get started with appealing themes and pre-structured course templates. It’s also simple to make the entire experience *yours* with custom domains, white labeling, and a variety of pre-set styles as well as advanced customization choices.

Students may follow along from anywhere in the world thanks to Thinkific’s user-friendly structure, which is suited for every platform and device.

In the Comparison Exly VS Thinkific, let’s know how does Exly give you the edge?

Exly does not have any intentions to limit the creator’s ability to use certain functionalities. Without any subscription fees, all functions are available to everyone. Exly’s fees are less than 5% per transaction, and there are no limits on the number of visits or payments that can be made on the website.

It allows you to complete your KYC fast, whereas Thinkific has not yet made its functionality evident on its own website.

On a weekly and monthly basis, Exly’s platform offers an analytical dashboard that allows you to track crucial company metrics such as leads, income, and more.

Aside from that, you don’t need to be a programmer or a digital marketer to start and grow an online course. 

Logistics, sales, marketing, and website development are all taken care of with the help of sophisticated in-built solutions like Analytics, etc. While selling your course online, the dedicated sales funnel provides you with additional support.

Exly also allows you to:

  • Send drip email campaigns
  • Create your own website creators
  • Use a variety of Templates as well.
  • A handpicked list of resources to assist you in publishing and promoting your listings.
  • Lastly, a sophisticated sales funnel that is intended to acquire and convert leads.


Thinkific’s objectives do not yet include a sophisticated and dedicated sales conversion funnel.

Furthermore, it provides you with a distinct digital identity as well as a collection of tools to use. Exly has over 10,000 producers and consultants from various niches who have been convinced by its many other intriguing features.

Sign up for Exly today and take advantage of its outstanding features if you’re ready to take your consulting business online.

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